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Wall Mounts

Wall Mounts For TV- Choose The Right Type

With the advancement in technology, the TVs have become thinner and lighter in weight. This development allows the TVs to be displayed in a number of ways, one of which is wall mounting. The flat panel TVs are pleasing since the light weight allows them to be mounted on a wall. The wall mounting is the procedure of attaching the TV directly to a wall. The wall mounts for tv are a necessity to TVs with flat screens. As the design of these TVs lets them mix with the surrounding while saving space as well. Fire Fold offers a wide selection of wall mounts for tv and cable box at affordable prices.

Why Do You Need To Wall Mount Your TV?
When the TV is not placed on a table or a shelf, but rather mounted on a wall, the biggest advantage it serves is to save floor space. The wall mounts for tv gives a more appealing and minimalistic look. Moreover, the wall mounting option rectifies the problem of room space. No matter if the room is small or large, wall mounting your TV gives you the option to decide the position of your tv on any wall. Wall mounting the tv also allows you to choose how high you want your tv on the wall. Meaning that you get the best viewing angles. Therefore, you may want to wall mount your TV as it doesn’t take up much space and also doesn’t cost much.

What Are The Different Types Of Wall Mounts For TV? ?
The wall mounts for tv are available in different types, depending upon the viewing preference and needs. The different tv mounts can be installed according to the space and positioning choice of the viewer. Which means you can install wall mounts depending upon the level of efficiency and flexibility you desire from the wall mounts. There are three types of tv wall mounts with unique features of their own:

Flat mounts are the most basic and common types of wall mounts for tv. This wall mounting option is simple, and mostly comes with the TV as a part in the packaging. Hence, this wall mounting option is inexpensive as well. These mounts are fixed on the wall, which means they don’t offer any flexibility in the position and angle of your view. Usually, they are just an inch away from the wall. And so, the fixed attachment to the wall gives this wall mounting idea an aesthetically pleasing look. The ultra flat mount for 37in TV gives a clean look as the design is slim and doesn’t get too bulky on the walls. The ultra flat mount for 37in TV is quick and easy to install and allows the television to remain in close contact with the wall on which it is mounted upon. ·

The tilting mounts for TV are the vertically adjustable mounts. These mounts allow you to adjust the viewing angle upward or downward anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees. The angle adjustment also helps to reduce screen reflections. These mounts allow the TV to be placed in the tv mounting bracket at a distance of 2 inches at least from the wall. The Rhino tilting tv wall mount for TV is strong, durable, and provides the best angles for viewing. These features make them the most compatible wall mounts for tv 37-70 inches. Moreover, the Rhino tilting tv wall mount for TV reduces glare and screen reflections too.
Similarly, the Crimson universal tilting mount is easy to install and adjust. The universal design is ideal to fit flat panel TV screens. Also, the Crimson universal tilting mount can be adjusted to 15 degrees in a forward position and 5 degrees in the backward position. The two vertical locking knobs on these wall mounts for tv adds extra security. These are the perfect wall mounts for tv 23-42 inches and they are available on Fire Fold in premium quality. · ·

The full motion tv mount is the most versatile in all the TV wall mounts. These mounts can be adjusted in every angle according to the position and preference of the viewer. This feature makes them the most sophisticated and expensive wall mounts for tv. These mounts give full freedom to move the TV screen to any position. As the name suggests, the full motion tv mount is the all function TV wall mount. Which means these mounts can perform the job of all the types of wall mounts combined. Which means, these mounts can be used as a fixed or flat mount to adjust the TV at one specific position. Or they can also perform the tilting mechanism to provide different viewing angles. ·

How Can You Upgrade Your TV Space With Different Wall Mount Ideas?
You can decorate your TV situation with a number of unique and useful wall mount ideas. The wall mounts for tv can be utilized in an advantageous way, which also adds grace to the space. Some of the wall mount ideas are:

The tv wall mount shelf is installed below the TV. The shelf can hold all the necessary entertainment equipment like the DVD player, remotes, game console, or different cables like the type c usb cable or any other cable you might need to improve your entertainment experience. These floating shelves for tv wall mounts are available in a wide variety such as single shelf, multiple shelf, with or without cabinets, drawers and open storage. ·

The glass shelf mount is a type of floating shelf which gives the TV space a contemporary look. These shelves can hold delicate decoration pieces which gives the area a more aesthetic look. The shelf mounting brackets gives added support, so there is no risk of the glass falling or breaking. Fire Fold features a number of tv wall mount shelves in different materials and styles.
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