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Tilting TV Wall Mounts


  • Rhino Brackets Tilt TV Wall Bracket with In-Wall Wire Hider Kit for 32-55 Inch Screens

    Rhino Brackets Tilt TV Wall Bracket with In-Wall Wire Hider Kit for 32-55 Inch Screens

    Rhino Brackets Tilt TV Wall Bracket with In-Wall Wire Hider Kit for 32-55 Inch Screens

    Low profile simplicity meets functionality in this tilt wall mount bracket from Rhino Brackets. This TV wall mount is designed for flat panel screens measuring 32 to 55 inches and weighing up to 77 pounds. The open architecture of this TV bracket leads to increased ventilation to increase the longevity of your TV components, as well as easy access for wiring during installation. It tilts up to fourteen degrees downward, allowing you to achieve the optimal viewing angle.

    The included bubble level guarantees accuracy and a nice, even hang without the need for extra measuring tools. When mounted, it sits less than one inch (25mm) from the wall for a minimum footprint.

    A DIY Dream

    You're strong, independent, and you want to knock this TV hang out in a weekend, right? This TV wall mount kit is the perfect all-in-one solution for the do-it-yourselfer who's on a budget and a mission. All the components of a professional TV mounting job are included - just add tools and you're in business!

    This kit includes our best-selling Rhino Brackets tilt TV wall mount for 32-55 inch flat screens. The low profile design keeps the TV close to the wall and out of your way, but it can be tilted forward up to 14 degrees to achieve the ideal viewing angle.

    Out of Sight, Out of Mind

    Hide those unsightly cables with the included Arlington low voltage brackets and Garvin recessed low voltage cable plates. The brackets attach securely to drywall with screw-down clamps, while the bulk cable plates screw directly onto the brackets and offer a convenient cable pass through. There is a fifteen foot NetStrand High Speed HDMI 2.0 cable included, but you can run your other low-voltage cables along with it.

    What You'll Need

    All the components are included in the kit, but you will need some tools. A convenient bubble level comes with the mount, but you will need a screwdriver, pencil for marking off your wall plate cuts, and a drywall saw or utility knife to cut openings for your low voltage brackets. A drill might also come in handy.


  • If you’re looking for the subtle side-view of a low profile TV mount with a little more adaptability for circumstances, Tilting TV Wall Mounts may be your answer. Tilt mounts use special arms to allow the user to tip and position the screen at a downward angle. Ideally suited for situations in which glare or TV height may be a problem such as in bedrooms or above fireplaces, FireFold’s tilt television mounts offer up to 15 degrees of downward motion without sacrificing sleekness or ease. Installation of FireFold’s mounts is always a breeze and each tilt TV mount comes with instructions and enough hardware to accomplish all standard installations.

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