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Shelf Mounts

Wall mounted shelves can be highly space sufficient and keep all your TV accessories in place. You can use a shelf mount on a wall to go with your TV mount or just use it to hold your video games or DVDs. In addition to being super convenient, it adds a beautiful design feature to your living space as well. There are multiple options for you to choose from ranging from different sizes to different weight capacity and price points. Shelf mount is a better alternative to getting a regular rack as it is easier to install, requires less space and is easier to replace.

Keep all your gadgets safe and stored

The firefold shelf mount range has a vast variety of options to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and a better shot at finding what you need. You can find everything from a shelf mount tv stands to a double rack stand for sufficient storage. This includes a few classic shelf mount options for you to choose from. A shelf mount for tv can amplify the look of your living space and you never have to deal with a lack of space for all your speakers and remotes.

Things to consider while getting a wall shelf mount:

1. Look for something that is semi-assembled and easy to install if you are getting one for the first time. Carefully mark the placement you want before fixing it.
2. Try to find something that serves a maximum purpose while still being within your budget.
3. Do not go for something delicate and prone to breakage as it will not last you long. Always pay attention to the structure, sturdiness, and durability of the shelves for the wall.
4. Consider the size and surface of your wall to find the most suitable installation for you. Look into things like the dimensions and the weight capacity.

Glass shelf mount

If you want to go for a shelf mount, this is the one we recommend. The sleek style, single plate design gives a minimalistic and modern look. It has an incredible weight capacity of up to 50lbs. It can be used as a stand-alone unit for your wall, or mounted with your television as per your personal preference. It is made out of 6mm tempered glass and stands only about 1.18 inches from the wall. This adjustable shelf mount is an amazing organizational miracle for everyone who is tired of placing their precious devices on the floor. Keeping your devices on a shelf mount can prevent them from getting scratched or misplaced.

AV wall shelf mount

This shelf mount is for all the ones who enjoy high quality sound systems or play video games. This shelf mount can accommodate most gaming accessories and is perfect for a household with a lot of DVDs and tech add-ons. This can be fixed to support devices of various heights and has an impressive weight capacity of up to 30 pounds. It works great for satellite boxes and much more. Not only does this serve purpose but it is also sleek and pleasing to look at. Store your gadgets without compromising on the overall design and aesthetics of your space.

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