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Vanco International Innovative Products

The remarkable vanco electronic accessories has made its name in the electronic industry. The brand produces a variety of appliances that are useful and upgrades the experience with smart technology. Vanco electronic accessories manufactures products like cables, adapters, converters, splitters, extractors and switches that are sure to solve all kinds of electrical failures. Vanco has expanded its distribution from just residential to the commercial market as well because of the stability, quality and reliability of its products. The vanco electronic accessories like the audio and video connections items assures an enhanced user experience along with the advanced connectivity for customers.

The audio, video and networking products by vanco international promises innovative designs and better user experience. The premium quality vanco electronic accessories ensure to provide a reliable, effective and high speed communication to the users. Below is the list of some original electronic appliances produced by the international manufacturers of the brand Vanco.

Vanco international manufactures premium quality electronic appliances as well as exclusive vanco cables for the ease of its consumers. Fire fold features vanco cables to form any connection between two devices. The best type of cable produced by the brand Vanco is vanco premium HDMI cables. Transferring of digital video and audio signals from one device to another can be done through the HDMI cables. The cable delivers standard and high definition along with Ultra HD visual signals. Devices like DVD player, audio and video monitor, set-top box, digital television (DTV), A/V receiver and other peripherals can use the HDMI vanco cable as an interface over a single cable. Only one cable supports audio from multiple channels. This cable allows audio signals from compressed and uncompressed stereo.

This device functions to extract the signals of audio from a HDMI source. The HDMI audio extractor withstands High Dynamic range (HDR) along with the bandwidth of 18 Gbps. HDMI audio extractor provides output through digital optical or analog stereo L/R sources. The HDMI audio extractor does not compromise on the video quality and transfers output audio signals separately to devices like audio speakers and sound bars. The device benefits the user to de-embed sound signals up to ultra HD 4K HDMI video sources. The HDMI audio extractor not only facilitates the user by providing simultaneous output of HDMI audio but also progresses 4K at a frequency of 60HZ.

This converging technology of vanco international is a one of the most splendid inventions of the electronic market. A HDMI splitter is basically used for splitting purposes of a signal from single source to multiple TV’s that are located at different destinations. The HDMI splitter works by taking input from the one sources like cable box, satellite box, and Blue-Ray player and allot HDMI signal to various televisions (TV’s). The device guarantees to provide the best quality of video and with a resolution of 1080p. This reliable device duplicates the signals without affecting the high definition of the signals.

Home theatre wall plates are designed with gold plated connectors that work amazing for a perfect sound effect. The system includes the connections for audio speakers, passive and active subwoofers. Excellent for a connection of audio speakers through speaker wires. For a Home Theatre sound effect connect a subwoofer with a receiver or amplifier. Home theatre wall plates have gold binding posts along with RCA jacks and it permits wires to be arranged correctly. The wall plate has an ability to accept up to 12 AWG speaker wire.

This device works amazingly for building a connection of a cable when the area is fit and the cable needs to fit in. 180o swivel makes an angle that is adjustable and removes the load on the cable. The gold-plated vanco swivel adapter supports high definition resolution up to 1080p. It transforms a HDMI male plug into a female jack or vice versa. Vanco swivel adapter manages to form a new position for the input and output sources of HDMI on the A/V devices. The device has the ability to conserve and upgrade clean as well as compressed digital signals.

This device works on the principle of handling and controlling several digital and analog HDMI AV signals coming through exactly one site. Central distribution of signals is also a basic function of HDMI matrix switch electronic device. HDMI matrix switch can be used for the simplification of routing purposes of AV signals from input mediums like Blu-ray players, personal computers (PC’s), cameras, to multiple output sources like televisions (TV’s), projectors and monitors. It works best for any application that needs customizable as well as high-speed routing of AV signals from various sources to one or more locations.

A digital to analog audio converter (DAC) is an electronic converter. It takes digital data as input and converts that data into the signals of analog audio. After the conversion of digital data into analog audio signals, these analog audio signals are then sent to an amplifier. In the field of electronics, DAC has so much importance in several applications of processing digital signals. Digital to analog audio converter is used in music players through which people are capable of hearing digital recordings. These digital recordings are basically the audio signals of analog that are transformed from digital to analog audio through a digital to analog audio converter.

Fire fold offers Vanco appliances at affordable prices with long-lasting quality assurance. So don’t compromise on your needs of electronic devices and avail the best products of vanco international. Fire fold considers the needs and demands of the customers. That is why it features one of the top leading and reliable brands like Vanco which manufactures their products without compromising the standard.
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