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Vertical Cable 1000ft Bulk RG-6 Coax Cable - Standard Shield 60% Braid CL2

Vertical Cable
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RG6U Standard Shield Coax Cable is one of the best ways to connect point A to point B. Coaxial cables have been the primary medium for transmitting radio frequency signals for many years.

Today, RG6 coaxial cables are popularly used to carry information over long distances into homes and businesses. Suitable for HDTV applications, Cable and Satellite installations and featuring an aluminum shield for maximum protection against interference. Housed in a sturdy pull box for optimum interface, storage, and transportation. 1000 Foot, Black


  • High-grade RG6/U UL-rated coaxial cable
  • Suitable for Digital HDTV applications, CATV, and Digital Satellite installations
  • Rated at 3Ghz
  • AWG18 Copper-Clad Steel
  • Aluminum-polypropylene foil shield with overlap bonded to dielectric insulator
  • 60% aluminum braid shield
  • Foot-marked PVC jacket
  • Nominal impedance 75 3"
  • Nominal capacitance 53pF/ft
  • Velocity of propagation 80%
  • Struct. Return Loss (SRL) 20dB min@5-2250MHz
  • UL Listed CM, CATV, CL2 E197429


  • 18AWG, IMP: 75-OHM
  • 100% Aluminum-Mylar Shielding
  • 60% Aluminum Braid
  • 16/4/0.12 Aluminum Stranding
  • Gas Injected Foam Polyethylene Insulation
  • 6.0+/-0.15mm Outer Diameter
  • CM/CL2 Rated PVC Jacket
  • Sweep Tested to 3.0GHz
  • Sequential Foot Markers
  • CMR Rated
  • UL Listed
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