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Female to Female Coax Coupler

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Female to Female Coax

For connecting two male coax ends together, you can’t go wrong with the COAX-COUP. This professional coupler features two screw-on F-type female coax jacks. It can be used with either RG59 or RG6 standard or quad-shield cables. These are most often run for television installations for cable, satellite, and even antenna applications. The machined threads provide secure contacts and maximum conductivity. When the cables are firmly twisted into place, this coupler can dependably hold the connection despite any pulling, tugging, or pressure. A solid hex collar makes it easy to grip this tiny adapter for installation and allows it to be used with a washer in an empty hex socket wall plate.

These coax couplers can be used with any of FireFold’s RG59 or RG6 coax cables, splitters, or adapters for customized audio/video solutions. In most cases, coax cables can be run incredible distances, so feel free to extend without worries. It doesn’t matter to us how long you plan for your cables to be joined, either. You can still enjoy our picture-perfect match of low prices and high performance. With our signature lifetime warranty, you can expect this coupler to create quality connections for as long as you both shall live.


  • F-Pin Coupler
  • Female / Female
  • Weight: 0.5 ounces
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