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Cat6 Cable by the Foot - 23AWG Solid 550MHz CMR

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Have the need for bulk cable, but don't need the whole box? FireFold has the answer for you! Bulk cable sold by the foot. This cable will be rolled out to your exact requested length.

Bulk (1000 ft) category 6 cable that has a bandwidth of 550 Mhz. The box is reinforced and allows for easy distribution of cable. Lining this cable is PVC material, which is durable yet flexible.

This cable offers speed. Since media is becoming very rich and on demand in today's networks, this extra bandwidth--nearly double of Cat5-- allows Cat 6 to be used on networks that are optimized for high bit rates.

Since bulk cable is normally used in intervals, the box that it comes in is almost as important as the cabling. Our boxes are reinforced to generally protect the cable. Also, they are easy to pull allowing the cable to be virtually kink less while being pulled out of the box.

PVC jackets are very common in networking cables and ours is no exception. This material is strong, protective, and flexible which are the characteristics desired in cables.


  • Rated Temperature (ºC) 70
  • Rated Voltage (V) 30
  • Product Standard Certification CMR
  • Flammability Test
  • Solid Bare Copper
  • Size 23 AWG
  • Diameter (mm) 0.570
  • PE
  • Average Thickness (mm) 0.22
  • Min. Point Thickness (mm) 0.19
  • Insulation Diameter (±0.005mm) 1.01
  • Twisted Pair Diameter (±0.01) 2.02
  • Separator PP
  • Diameter 5.00
  • PVC
  • Average Thickness (mm) 0.60
  • Min. Point Thickness (mm) 0.50
  • Outer Diameter (±0.10mm) 6.20
  • Rip Cord
  • Color Blue
    Color of Pairs
  • Pair 1: Blue, White-Blue
  • Pair 2: Orange, White-Orange
  • Pair 3: Green, White-Green
  • Pair 4: Brown, White-Brown
    Mechanical Characteristics
  • Before Tensile Strength (Mpa) >=13.8
  • Aging Elongation (%) >=100
  • Aging Condition (ºCxhrs) 100x168
  • After Tensile Strength (Mpa) >=85% of unaged
  • Aging Elongation (%) >=50% of unaged
  • Cold Bend (-20±2º Cx4hrs) No Crack
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