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Vertical Cable 1000ft Solid Outdoor Cat5E Cable - 24AWG 350MHz UV-Rated

Vertical Cable
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Outdoor, UV Rated Cat5e Bulk Cable is a necessity for any Standard Outdoor Cable Runs in which networking cable is exposed to direct sunlight and weather.

Outdoor, UV Rated

Built to withstand the destructive forces of the outdoors and the sun's UV Radiation, our UV Rated Outdoor Cat5e Cable is designed to protect against harmful UV Interference while being exposed to direct sunlight and prevent any significant signal loss.

Category 5

Considered the Industry Standard for most network installations, Category 5 (Cat5E, or Cat5) is a "twisted pair" network cable used for carrying data signals at speeds of up to 350MHz of Bandwidth.

Solid Cable Design

Designed for more straight-forward, simple installations, this particular style of Solid cable is perfect for most installations where cable runs do not require several bends and twists in the line.

24 AWG

For this particular cable, the gauge is 24 AWG, which is a diameter of about 0.0201 Inches, or 0.511mm. 24AWG is the Industry Standard for any typical network cable installation. American Wire Guage (AWG) is the standardized gauging system for measuring wire sizes.

Pull-Through Design

Since bulk cable is used in intervals, the box that it comes in is almost as important as the cable itself. This is the reason our boxes are reinforced to provide excellent protection and are made with a simple pull-through design to keep your bulk cable free of kinks and knots while being pulled from the box.

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