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Lightning, Micro USB, Micro HDMI, and Micro-B cables.
USB wall chargers, car chargers, power banks, and wall plates.
Universal tablet mounts for cars and desks.

Probably one of the most frequently used cables, mobile cables not only power mobile devices but also transfer data to and from the device.

For Apple devices, Lightning Cables are available in a variety of lengths and charging kits. Choose between 6ft and 3ft cables, that include the Lightning Cable with the USB Charger. All Lightning Cables sold by FireFold meet the strict Apple compatibility and quality guidelines.

For Android and other mobile devices, Micro USB cables provide both the charging cable and USB charging port, allowing you to be able to charge your device from a wall outlet. You can also use the USB micro cable on your computer for charging or syncing.

Never be stuck with a low battery again with a portable USB charger. Many devices are designed to slide right into your pocket and can provide charge to your mobile device while you’re on the go. Most devices include the battery power pack and cable so just plug in and go.

Another helpful charging solution is the USB car charger. Compact and light, they are perfect for travel and provide charge to your mobile phone while out on the road. Most devices are also compatible with multiple devices such as MP3 players, cameras, and other devices.

Other available mobile charging solutions include the 6 Port USB charger that plugs directly into the wall and offers charging for up to six devices at once. Charge multiple mobile phones, iPads, and other devices quickly and easily.