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  1. USB Extension Cable - USB 2.0 Type A Male to Female Zoom View
    USB Extension Cable - USB 2.0 Type A Male to Female
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USB Extension Cables

Find the USB Cable You Need When You Need It the Most

In a lot of ways, USB cables truly are one of the most convenient and effective ways to connect two devices together in a way that "just works." Whenever a new standard for USB data transfer is released, newer cables are still backwards compatible with older hardware - which means that you don't necessarily need to throw out all those old cables every few years. Likewise, USB itself is incredibly convenient in that just about everything uses it - from keyboards to printers to external hard disk drives and more.

However, the one major complaint that most people have about USB cables is one that has been around for years: they're just not long enough. Now, this is one problem you don't have to worry about any longer.

With our USB extension cable options, you can find the long USB cable you need when you need it the most. Options like the USB printer cable - USB A Male to USB B Male come in lengths of three to 15 feet for you to choose from depending on your needs. We even have USB 3 extension cable options that are armed and ready to work with all of that new equipment you're ready to purchase.

The standard USB cable that comes included with devices like computer printers tend to average about three feet, which isn't necessarily going to cut it if you've got a large desk or other environment that you're working with. We even have a 30 foot USB cable extension for printers with a repeater to not only make sure that your length needs are taken care of, but that also guarantee you'll still enjoy lightning-fast speeds despite the additional distance that data needs to travel. It truly doesn't get much more straightforward than that.