USB Cables

Extension Cables
Cables with 1 Type A male connector and 1 Type A female connector to extend length.
Lightning Cables
Compatible with the newest Apple devices - iPad, iPhone, and iPod.
Micro USB Cables
Cables with Micro USB connectors for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.
Mini USB Cables
4 Pin and 5 Pin USB Mini cables for mobile devices like digital cameras.
Printer Cables
Universal Type A to Type B USB cables compatible with most newer printers.
Type A Cables
Cables with two USB Type A male ends for connecting USB compatible devices.
USB-C Cables
Type C to Type A cables for use with Android devices, Nintendo Switch, and new MacBooks.
USB to Serial
USB to Serial DB9 adapter cables for connecting PDAs to computers.

USB Cables From FireFold

USB Cords For Every Type of Situation

For years, USB cables have become one of the dominant ways to not only provide power to all of your favorite electronics, but to also send data between two devices in the most efficient way possible. Most commonly, USB cables are used for data transfer - if you want to sync all of your favorite songs between your smartphone and your computer, USB is by far the easiest way to do it. But when you also consider that USB is also used on a wide range of other devices - including gaming consoles like the Sony PlayStation 4, the Microsoft Xbox One and more - along with on keyboards, scanners, mice, digital cameras and even flash drives, it's easy to see why USB has been so popular for so long.

At FireFold, we're proud to offer a wide range of different USB cable options for you to choose from depending on your needs. These include but are certainly not limited to options like:

  • Extension Cables. Whether you're looking for cables with a Type A male connector and a Type A female connector to extend the length of an existing USB cable or something else entirely, we have you covered.
  • Lightning Cables. These are cables that are compatible with Apple's own proprietary Lightning connector, making them the perfect fit for all of your latest devices - including the iPhone, the iPhone X, the iPad, the iPod Touch and more.
  • Micro USB Cables. Many non-Apple smartphones and tablets come with smaller, Micro USB connectors and these cables are exactly what you're looking for.
  • Mini USB Cables. We have options in four and five pin varieties, perfect for all of your mobile devices like digital cameras.
  • Printer Cables. Regardless of the age of your printer or the specific type of device you're trying to connect, we've got options that work for you.
  • USB-C Cables. These are perfect for use not only with Android devices but also mobile gaming systems like the Nintendo Switch and new MacBook and MacBook Pro laptop computers from Apple.
  • And Much, Much More.

When you purchase from FireFold, not only do you get same day shipping available on most orders but you can also enjoy benefits like lifetime warranties, fast and easy returns (should you unfortunately need to return or exchange a product), a full 60 day money back guarantee and more.