DisplayPort Cables
DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort cables for connecting a computer to a monitor.
DVI Cables
Male to male digital DVI video cables in lengths up to 50'.
FireWire Cables
4, 6, and 9-Pin data cables for connecting two FireWire compatible devices.
Replacement power cords, Y cables and extension cords for computers and TVs.
SATA Cables
SATA, eSATA, and SATA power cables for hard drives and internal computer components.
Serial Cables
9-Pin Serial and Null Modem cables for data transfer applications.
USB Cables
USB Cables, USB Printer Cables, Extension Cables, USB Mini Cables, Micro USB Cables, and more.
VGA Cables and VGA Cords
Standard male to male and male to female VGA video cables for computer to display.

With our computers acting like a central command and storage center for many of our other devices, it is important that we’re able to connect those devices to the computer. Chances are your computer is equipped with multiple ports that allow you to connect items such as printers, monitors, external hard drives, cameras, mobile phones, and other accessories. Computer cables are a necessary component to ensure a secure and fast connection.

DisplayPort Cables allow you to connect your computer to your monitor or another display screen like a TV. Depending on your computer and connecting device you’ll either need a DisplayPort or a Mini DisplayPort cable.

One of the most popular and recognizable computer cable on the market today is the USB Cable. It has a wide variety of uses and is the most common interface for data transfer. Most smartphones use USB Cables to charge and transfer data to a computer. FireFold has an extensive selection of USB cables that are compatible with the most popular smartphones, including Apple and Android products.

Needing to connect your digital camera or external hard drive to your computer? Chances are you need a FireWire Cable. FireFold has a selection of 4, 6, and 9-Pin data cables for connecting two FireWire compatible devices.

Additional products include SATA Cables, DVI Cables, and Serial Cables. As with all FireFold cables, you have the assurance of the FireFold Signature Lifetime Warranty when you purchase one of our FireFold cable products.