Bulk Coaxial Cable

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  1. Vertical Cable 1000ft Bulk RG-6 Coax Cable - Standard Shield 60% Braid CL2
    Vertical Cable 1000ft Bulk RG-6 Coax Cable - Standard Shield 60% Braid CL2
  2. Vertical Cable 1000ft Bulk RG-6 Coax Cable - Quad Shield
    Vertical Cable 1000ft Bulk RG-6 Coax Cable - Quad Shield
Set Descending Direction

9 Items

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Coaxial cables are popularly used to carry information over long distances into homes and businesses in the transmission of video, communications, and audio. Traditionally, coaxial cables are used as a cable to connect a TV to a cable TV service but they have evolved to cover several purposes. Coaxial cables can be used to allow a broadband cable internet connection using a cable modem, and also to connect digital HDTV, CATV, and digital satellite installations.

Most cables feature an aluminum foil shield with an aluminum braid on a solid copper clad steel conductor with a PVC jacket. Standard Shield and Quad Shield varieties are available, with Quad Shield coaxial cables using additional foil shields or braids to provide greater protection against electromagnetic interference, and this is a more durable cable.

If your project requires two coaxial cables to be used at the same location, then dual coaxial cables are what you need. They feature two coaxial cables conveniently attached so that they may be quickly run to the same location and pulled apart to be attached to different receivers. There are also coaxial cables available that include coaxial cables, Category 5 Ethernet Cables for carrying high-speed internet access, and two multimode fibers for reliability and backup of backbone applications.

For large projects, bulk cables are the key. At FireFold, we have a large inventory of bulk coaxial cables that are in either 500 ft. or 1,000 ft. lengths and various types of materials. Many bulk cables feature sequential foot markings on the jacket, which make measurement quick and easy, and are packaged in a sturdy pull box for optimum interface, storage, and transportation.