3.5 mm Cables
Male to male and male to female 3.5mm stereo audio cables.
Digital Coaxial Cables
Mono digital coax cable for subwoofers.
Guitar Cables
Patch cables and USB interfaces for audio editing.
Optical Audio Cable
Digital TOSLINK fiber optic cables for home theater audio.
RCA Cables
Analog red and white stereo audio RCA cables in a variety of lengths.
Speaker Cables
Quarter inch speaker cables.
XLR Cables
Male to female 3-pin studio-ready XLR microphone cables.

Audio cables today help deliver the best possible sound and listening experience. From connecting your iPod to your speaker system to wiring speakers to create a truly custom surround sound experience in your home theater, we have the audio cable to fit your needs.

Have you decided to install outdoor speakers on the deck? Or upgrading your home media center with surround sound? Chances are you will need speaker wires or cables. From projects, large to small, we have standard, indoor, outdoor, and flat speaker wire in our inventory. And if your project calls for extensive wiring, we carry speaker wires and cables in bulk.

If your audio project requires a subwoofer then one of our digital coax cables will provide big sound. Simply plug the cable into your subwoofer and receiver and you’ll be creating bass bumping sound in no time. With a variety of lengths, you can position your subwoofer wherever you need.

3.5mm audio cables are ideal for use with stereo systems and extending headphones. They help deliver high-quality audio and are available in either male to male, male to female or male to male mono cable.

At FireFold we also sell guitar cables. Experiment with different sounds with patch cables, or deliver high-quality sound by filtering out noise interference with straight to right angle cables.

Additional audio cable products include optical audio cables, RCA cables and XLR cables.