Vertical Cable

Founded and headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Vertical Cable is a leading supplier of low voltage and connectivity cables, products, and accessories. Their vast collection of products can be found in homes and businesses around the world. Vertical Cable’s primary mission is to satisfy their customer by combining quality and price with the latest available technology. They are constantly working to improve every facet of their business to offer the consumer more options and more value without sacrificing dependability. Employing strict inspection and testing parameters, Vertical Cable ensures their products meet or exceed all applicable industry standards for performance and safety.

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  1. Cat5E Cable by the Foot - 24AWG Solid 350MHz CMR Bare Copper Ethernet
    Cat5E Cable by the Foot - 24AWG Solid 350MHz CMR Bare Copper Ethernet
  2. Cat6 Cable by the Foot - 23AWG Solid 550MHz CMR
    Cat6 Cable by the Foot - 23AWG Solid 550MHz CMR
  3. Cat5E Plenum Cable by the Foot - 24AWG UTP CMP Solid Copper 350MHz
    Cat5E Plenum Cable by the Foot - 24AWG UTP CMP Solid Copper 350MHz
  4. Cat6 Plenum Cable by the Foot - 23AWG UTP CMP Solid Copper 550MHz
    Cat6 Plenum Cable by the Foot - 23AWG UTP CMP Solid Copper 550MHz
  5. Keystone Wall Plate
    Keystone Wall Plate
  6. 1 Gang Box White
    Single Gang Junction Box
  7. Cat6A Keystone Jack - 110 Style
    Cat6A Keystone Jack - 110 Style
  8. Vertical Cable 500ft Alarm Security Cable - Solid 22/2
    Vertical Cable 500ft Alarm Security Cable - Solid 22/2
  9. Vertical Cable 500ft Alarm Security Cable - Stranded 22/2
    Vertical Cable 500ft Alarm Security Cable - Stranded 22/2
  10. Vertical Cable Cat5E Keystone Jack 25 Pack
    Vertical Cable Cat5E Keystone Jack 25 Pack
  11. Vertical Cable Cat6 Keystone Jack 25 Pack
    Vertical Cable Cat6 Keystone Jack 25 Pack
Set Descending Direction

RESULTS 1-24 of 103

Vertical Cable: Their Story

Though Vertical Cable may be one of the leading providers of low voltage cables, connectivity products and accessories operating anywhere in the industry today, it didn't necessarily start out that way. Vertical Cable's parent company actually began in a far more humble way, making a name for itself in beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Florida, all the way back in 1989.

As the years went on, company leaders recognized a continued need to maintain, offer and upgrade the highest performing and most cost effective product line possible. With that in mind, Vertical Cable itself was founded in 2006 to meet the more specific needs of an audience that was getting larger by the day.

These days, Vertical Cable is recognized on an international stage as one of the leading providers of quality, technology, price and - most importantly - value. But regardless of how large the company continues to grow, their number one priority is and will always be to please as many customers as possible. All Vertical Cable products must meet incredibly strict quality control procedures, guaranteeing that all products are inspected and tested to comply with strict standards from the FCC, the TIA, the TAA, the UL and much, much more.

But Vertical Cable doesn't just want to meet those standards - anybody can do that. Their products actually exceed industry standards whenever possible, including those dictated by the ETL, the CSA and many, many others. Additionally, Vertical Cable is a proud member of both BICSI and CEDIA.

Currently, Vertical Cable is still headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. However, as the company continues to expand its reach, it has opened a number of satellite offices and even has warehouses in places like New Windsor, New York and Murrieta, California. Both of these allow them to not only maintain their product line but get those essential solutions out to their customers as quickly as possible at a moment's notice.

Vertical Cable: The Products

As one would expect from an industry leader, Vertical Cable offers a wide range of products in nearly every category that you can think of. Just a few include but are certainly not limited to ones like:

  • Coax Cable
  • Bundle Cable
  • Audio/Security Solutions
  • Fire Alarm Solutions
  • Cable Management Solutions
  • Racks and Accessories
  • Patch Panels
  • Keystone Jacks
  • Couplers
  • Fiber Optic and Media Converters
  • HDMI and Home Theater Cables
  • Telecom Accessories
  • Tools
  • And much, much more.

Cable by the FootOne impressive offering in the Vertical Cable product line takes the form of the Cat5E Cable by the Foot - 24AWG Solid 350 MHz CMR Bare Copper Ethernet option. This is the perfect solution for customers who have a pressing need for bulk cable, but at the same time don't need the entire box. The cable itself can be rolled out to your exact requested length, which in and of itself is a massive benefit for anyone with extensive networking needs. The unterminated and unshielded twisted pair cabling is perfect for nearly any networking application that you may have and it offers 350 MHz of bandwidth for an exceptional bandwidth. It also includes a variety of different features that are designed to reduce interference, as well as to mitigate any other issues that you may be experiencing or worried about.

Along the same lines is the Vertical Cable Surface Mount, which is truly a universal solution when it comes to something as important as mounting keystone jacks if there ever was one. It fits the vast majority of Cat3, Cat5E, Cat6 and Cat6A jacks that you may be working with right out of the box and offers a unique two piece design that makes it compatible with either a single or a dual blank port. The unit also comes complete with everything you need to get your infrastructure up and running without a hitch, from double-sided tape to all necessary screws to cable ties. It's truly a complete, end-to-end solution in one effortless product.

Next up is the Vertical Cable 48 Port Blank Patch Panel with Cable Manager, which is perfect for both accepting standard keystone jacks and inserts to provide the custom configurations you need when you need them the most. The product itself is built from incredibly heavy duty 16 gauge steel and offers flame retardant properties and more. It's easy to see that this one is built to last in more ways than one. The included cable manager also snaps easily right onto the rear side of the panel, offering a better, more integrated level of wire organization in environments where it is desperately needed. This product includes not only the blank patch panel and cable manager itself but also 48 clear nylon cable ties and four screws to aid with installation.

Finally, we have the Vertical Cable 107-1236WH6S500 500ft RG6 Standard Shield Coaxial Cable, White - which, as the name suggests, comes in a massive 500 foot pull box for your convenience. It's a solution built from the ground up with modern day digital HDTV, CATV and digital satellite installations in mind. The cable itself offers an incredible aluminum foil shielding with an impressive 60% aluminum braid on a rock solid 18 AWG copper clad steel conductor with a sleek, sophisticated white PVC jacket. The sequential foot markings on the jacket make measurement quick and easy, allowing you to perform even the most complicated jobs in the fastest and most efficient ways possible.

If you happen to be a home theater aficionado (or you're a professional looking for a better way to meet the needs of your own customers), you're in luck - Vertical Cable has you covered in that particular area, too. The Vertical Cable 500ft 16 Gauge In-Wall Speaker Wire - CL3 16/4, White is a product designed for situations that demand only the highest in quality, making it perfect for surround sound systems, intercom systems and so much more. The cable itself is in-wall rated, designed to meet all of the National Electrical Codes (also referred to as the NEC) standards for fire safety. The white PVC jacket and stranded copper design allow the cable to handle any bends or twists that you may encounter during even the most rugged of indoor installations. But perhaps the most important quality of all is the following: every foot of speaker wire comes complete with a signature lifetime warranty, allowing it to stand up to countless years of heavy use in any and all ways that you see fit. The sequential length markings along the jacket of the cable also take all of the guesswork out of the equation, allowing you to make fast and efficient measurements at a moment's notice.

These are just a few examples of the many, many high quality products that Vertical Cable and FireFold are proud to offer to customers just like you on a regular basis. It's important to note that when you order from FireFold, you don't just get to enjoy benefits like same day shipping and the best customer service available anywhere in the industry today. You also get to enjoy a 100% safe shopping environment, a full 60 day money back guarantee, fast and easy returns (in the unfortunate and rare even that you should actually need to do so), lifetime warranties on select products and much, much more.

Benefits like these are among the many ways that we try to give back to our valued customers on a regular basis. Because when you're talking about something as important as network installation or related jobs, anything less just won't do.