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Unbeatable Products for Unbeatable Customers

In a lot of ways, Tripp-Lite is more than just another manufacturer of power protections and connectivity solutions. Based out of Chicago, Illinois, the company is an industry leader in terms of all of this and more, offering over 4,000 IT products to customers all over the world with a presence in over 80 countries to date.

The company itself was originally founded all the way back in 1922 by a man named Graham Trippe. He was a Chicago-area inventor who began his career after obtaining a patent for a (then) new, precision-focused automobile headlight. The unique design of this product, which he dubbed the "Speed Light," won the gold metal at both the 1928 and 1929 Exposition of Innovation events in Paris. Just a few years later, the "Speed Light" became a hugely successful automotive accessory thanks to how it was able to improve visibility on ALL types of automobiles, including fine touring cars. In fact, during World War II, a new version of the "Speed Light" was also designed and developed to be outfitted on United States army tanks.

Trippe continued to focus on his passion for innovation for years. During the 1960s, he dedicated himself to addressing a newfound need for onboard AC power in ambulances and recreational vehicles. This led to the development of a line of DC-to-AC inverters that made significant waves upon their initial release. During the 1980s, when personal computers hit the market, Tripp-Lite became the first company in the United States to create a UPS system that was specifically designed for desktop computers. During the 1990s, when many different businesses began to decentralize their IT structures, the company's product line expanded significantly to offer products that were better suited to addressing a wider array of needs than ever before - particularly as the Internet age began to take hold. In 1996, Tripp-Lite even gained ISO 9001 certification - proof that its passion for achieving only the highest standards in design, manufacturing, distribution and service truly showed no limits.

Flash forward to today and the company employs more than 450 people, all of whom are singularly dedicated to providing exceptional products and services for mission-critical applications across the globe.

Tripp-Lite has also been the esteemed recipient of some of the most prestigious awards not only in its industry, but in the state of Illinois. In 2012, for example, it made Crain's list of Chicago's largest privately held companies. The very next year in 2013, it received the Business Solutions Best Channel Vendor award. During the same year Tripp-Lite also received the CEPro BEST Award. A year later, it once again made Crain's list of the largest privately held companies operating anywhere in the Chicago area.

Tripp-Lite: The Products

Nearly as impressive as the Tripp-Lite is the company's product line - something that is every bit as robust and dependable as the brand itself. Tripp-Lite proudly offers products in nearly every category that you could think of, including but not limited to ones like:

  • Tripp-Lite UPS solutions. From standby power to line-interactive options to three phase, UPS management solutions, replacement batteries and more, the company's UPS options have been the type that countless major brands have been depending on for decades.
  • PDUs. Whether you're looking for basic, metered, monitored or something else entirely, Tripp-Lite has you covered.
  • Racks and cabinets. Tripp-Lite's array of racks and cabinets comes in a wide range of different options for you to choose from depending on your needs like floor standing, wall mounting, open frame racks and more.
  • Rack cooling. Tripp-Lite also offers a number of versatile rack cooling options to help meet the demands of even the harshest environments, both in terms of active and passive cooling solutions.
  • Cables and connectivity. Regardless of what type of cable you need, the chances are high that you'll be able to find a high quality option with the Tripp-Lite. The company's offerings include computer and storage cables, power cords, network tools and testers, USB, lightning and FireWire cables, copper and fiber network cables, audio, video and digital signage cables and so many others.

At FireFold, we're proud to offer all of the quality Tripp-Lite products you need with prices that you won't be able to match anywhere else. One of the most prominent in our own inventory is the Tripp-Lite Surge Protector - a six outlet, 1500 joule beast with swivel outlets for your convenience. This product provides a truly convenient way for you to organize and protect all of your cables, all while warding off the effects of electrical surges at the exact same time. The swivel outlets can go up to 90 degrees from side to side, making it the perfect solution for fitting all the cables you need into the tight spaces you're working with. Not only do you get to expand your outlet's capabilities, but you can control clutter at the exact same time - all the while guaranteeing that your critical equipment and other assets are as protected as they can possibly be. The Tripp-Lite Surge Protector even comes with diagnostic LEDs to indicate protection and suppressor damage and a full $20,000 connected equipment guarantee.

On the other end of the spectrum we have the Tripp-Lite P776-006 2-in-1 USB Cable Kit for NetDirector KVM Switch - a solution that doesn't just work "right," but that works exceedingly well in all the ways that you need. This is an exceptional solution that finally brings your USB computer and Tripp-Lite's own B020 and B022 series KVM switches together, creating an environment where high productivity is no longer a question of "if" but "when." The KVM switch side of the cable consists of an HD15 male cable, while the computer side consists of an HD15 male cable and a USB A male cable. It features molded ends with an easy-grip textured overmold, provides superior performance and cable management and is intended to be both low profile and super flexible in all of the ways that you need. It even comes with integral strain relief and double shielding (foil and braid) for the maximum EMI/RFI protection you need when you need it the most.

Last but not least we have the Tripp-Lite PDUMH20HV 3.2-3.8kW Single-Phase Metered PDU, 200-240V - a product that offers real-time local reporting of load level in amps via the sophisticated and forward-thinking built-in digital meter. With this single device, you can finally enable visual current monitoring of all PDU output current - something that goes a long way towards preventing circuit overloads whenever additional equipment is added. Likewise, the unit offers a reliable, rackmount multi-unit power distribution from ANY protected UPS, generator or mains input power source. The high quality design sports a rugged and attractive all-metal housing and the most secure rackmount installation has never been easier by way of all the included mounting accessories.

It's equally important to note that when you purchase your Tripp-Lite products from FireFold, you enjoy a wide range of additional benefits that we promise you that you won't be able to find anywhere else. Not only do you get the best customer service in the industry and a 100% safe shopping experience, but you can also enjoy same day shipping in most situations, fast and easy returns, and an incredible 60 day money back guarantee.