MantelMountThe revolutionary patented design of MantelMount's over-the-fireplace TV mounts allows you to pull down your TV to a comfortable height while viewing and put it back against the wall when not in use to avoid annoying obstructions.

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You've Never Seen HDTV Mounts Quite Like These

Though it may be difficult to remember at this point, television sets were NOT always the flat panel, low profile, high definition varieties that we often take for granted today. Even as recently as fifteen years ago, most people still had CRT (cathode ray tube) television sets.

They were big, boxy affairs - that were also notoriously heavy, even for smaller models. If you were even able to successfully get one home from the store, it usually sat atop some type of sturdy table or in an entertainment stand - and that's precisely where they lived until it came time to replace them. You didn't have much in the way of options and oftentimes your television set became the centerpiece of a room because it was just so, so very large.

Flash forward to today, and television sets are literally as thin as your average picture frame - thinner, in some cases. This led to a bit of a revolution during the last decade where instead of propping HDTVs up on stands at all, people started mounting them on their walls.

But every once in awhile, a company comes along and totally rethinks the way we do something. Such was the case with MantelMount, a brand that has single handedly changed the way we think about mounting our high definition television sets - both for the better and for all time. If you're in the market for a terrific pull down TV mount that will allow you to enjoy true comfort and the absolute perfect TV view every time, all the time, MantelMount has a host of unique products that you're definitely going to want to take a closer look at.

The MantelMount Approach

Though the brand is a relatively young one in terms of consumer electronics, that doesn't mean it hasn't made a lasting impression - particularly with its flagship line of "mantel mount" pull down TV mount options.

MantelMounts use a patented construction style that combines a series of high quality automotive pistons with some ingeniously lightweight alloys. This, coupled with a totally unique and state-of-the-art counterbalance technology, don't just allow you to mount your television set - they allow you to effortlessly pull even the largest flat screens down off the wall, suspend them at eye-level in front of something like a fireplace, swivel it left or right and much, much more.

To understand why this mantel mount technology is so important, you need to understand a little more about how HDTVs work in the first place. Because of the way that flat panel TVs are constructed, they have something called a viewing angle - usually somewhere between 120 and 180 degrees. In essence, this tells you what angle someone needs to sit at to properly view the images on screen.

So if your HDTV has a 120 degree viewing angle and you start to move too far to the left or right beyond that angle, you may start to notice that the image itself is looking a bit washed out. The colors will start to dim, the contrast will start to skyrocket and you may even have a difficult time seeing the picture at all. This is just one of the (few) limitations of HDTV technology - and when the benefits include 1080p or even 4K image resolutions, it's easy to say that the positives far outweigh even this negative.

But depending on the shape of the room your TV is going in, this could turn into a big problem before you know it. Likewise, if you're having something like a big game party and you have a LOT of people over, there can easily come a point where certain people have to sit outside the viewing angle - thus losing a bit of the impact of the images on screen.

Likewise, what if the only place in your room to actually mount that TV is above your fireplace? Sure, the set looks great when it's off - but it's so high on a wall that the viewing angle problem rears its ugly head yet again. Previously, your choices were to simply "keep quiet and deal with it" or "not invest in a television at all." Now, thankfully, there is a third option.

But with MantelMount pull down TV mount solutions, this is something that you simply do NOT have to worry about ay longer. There are virtually NO other solutions available on the market today that address the concerns of something like an above-the-fireplace HDTV, giving you the option to provide both perfect eye level viewing and glare reduction at the exact same time. When you're watching your favorite movie, television show or sporting event, just glide the TV down off the wall and put it in the absolute perfect position. When you're done, simply put it back up on the wall and into its low profile resting place. It truly doesn't get much more straightforward than that.

MantelMount Benefits

But even going beyond the sophisticated design of the mounts themselves, MantelMount's products still bring with them a wide range of different benefits that are far too important to ignore. For starters, all MantelMount pull down TV mount options offer the effortless installation you deserve - end of story. If you can install any flat screen television mount, you can install a MantelMount - you don't need years of experience, hundreds of dollars in special tools or any other superfluous items.

Likewise, MantelMount TV mounting solutions come with exclusive features that guarantee both the protection of your HDTV and other electronics AND the mounting environments. Vertical and swivel stops are included, for example, that prevent you from moving the TV too far in any one direction. The patented auto-straightening technology also makes sure that your TV is always straight and that you don't have to concern yourself with hitting your mantel or walls when lowering, swiveling or raising your HDTV set from its original position. 

But the best part of all - and the feature that will be very appreciated by fire place owners everywhere - are the patented heat-sensing handles. The handles on the mount will turn red if your fireplace exceeds a temperature of 110 degrees Fahrenheit, instantly alerting you to the fact that the mount itself is probably not safe to touch. This will also help prevent any heat-related damage to your HDTV set, which will go a long way towards guaranteeing maximum longevity from that particular item as well.

In the end, the revolutionary patented design of MantelMount's over-the-fireplace TV mounts allows you to pull down your TV to a comfortable height while viewing and put it back against the wall when not in use to avoid annoying obstructions. Thankfully, this also means that there is absolutely NOTHING standing in between you and that perfect home cinema experience. When you consider things from that perspective, absolutely anything less just won't do.