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  1. Klein Tools D257-4C Miniature Diagonal-Cutting Pliers
    Klein Tools D257-4C 4 Inch Midget Diagonal Cutting Pliers, Spring Loaded
    Regular Price $42.99 Special Price $36.54
  2. Klein Tools J215-8CR Hybrid Pliers
    Klein Tools J215-8CR Hybrid Pliers
    Regular Price $41.99 Special Price $39.99
  3. Klein Tools D210-6C Diagonal-Cutting Pliers
    Klein Tools D210-6C 6 Inch Diagonal Cutting Pliers, Semi-Flush
    Regular Price $52.99 Special Price $45.04
  4. Klein Tools D504-10B 10 Inch Klein Klaw - Quick Adjust
    Klein Tools D504-10B 10 Inch Quick Adjust Klaw Pump Pliers
    Regular Price $57.99 Special Price $49.29
  5. Klein Tools J207-8CR All Purpose Plier with crimper
    Klein Tools J207-8CR All Purpose Pliers with Crimper
    Regular Price $62.99 Special Price $53.54
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RESULTS 1-24 of 32

Klein Lineman Pliers

Exceptional Quality, Unparalleled Results

Since all the way back in 1857, the men and women behind the Klein Tools brand have worked hard to make its name synonymous with quality above all else. Originally founded by a German immigrant named Mathias Klein, the first tool to come out of the brand's factory was a pair of side-cutting pliers designed by telegraph lineman, for telegraph lineman. Mathias couldn't have known at the time just how important that one product would be, as it effortlessly set the stage for nearly everything that came afterwards.

Flash forward to today and Klein Tools pliers are truly the go-to choice for anyone that wants to guarantee dependability, convenience and sophistication - all within a single product. The D203-6 6 Inch Standard Side-Cutting Long-Nose Klein Pliers, for example, feature induction hardened cutting knives for a longer lifespan, knurled jaws for efficient wrapping and looping, cutters and strippers that are positioned in the front of the pivot for maximum ease-of-use and much, much more. Whether you need a tool that will dutifully stand by your side for hours or you're just having a hard time reaching into some of those tight and confined spaces, you've just founded the solution you need when you need it the most.

Equally impressive are the D252-6 6 Inch Heavy-Duty Diagonal-Cutting Pliers, which offer users plastic-dipped handles for comfort and ease of identification and hot-riveted joints that guarantee smooth action and a no handle wobble. But these are just a few of the quality tools that only Klein can bring to the table. Rest assured that there are many, many more.

All Klein Tools pliers are designed for all-purpose use, yes - but they're also built with the specific types of jobs you have in front of you in mind. You'll also no doubt be pleased to know that Klein Tools products - both the pliers and those in other categories - are also made right here in the United States of America.

Regardless of the goal you're trying to accomplish or the problem you're trying to solve, having the right tool for the right job at exactly the right moment is always a priority. For everyone from linemen to DIY home craftsmen and everyone in between, it's easy to see why Klein Tools pliers have been that tool for over 160 glorious years and counting.