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  1. Commscope
    CommScope Cat5E Solid Bare Copper - 24AWG UTP CMR, 1000ft Box
  2. Commscope
    CommScope NETCONNECT® Cat5E Solid Bare Copper - 24AWG UTP CMR, 1000ft Box
  3. CommScope Media 6® 65N4+ Cat6 Solid Bare Copper
    CommScope Media 6® 65N4+ Cat6 Solid Bare Copper - 23AWG U/UTP CMR, 1000ft Box
    Commscope Cat6 Solid Bare Copper - 23AWG U/UTP CMR, 1000ft Box
  5. Commscope Cat5E Solid Bare Copper Flooded
    CommScope Cat5E Solid Bare Copper - 24AWG UTP Flooded, 1000ft Reel
  6. Commscope
    CommScope Cat5E Solid Bare Copper - 24AWG UTP CMP, 1000ft Box
  7. CommScope Cat6 Solid Bare Copper
    CommScope Cat6 Solid Bare Copper - 23AWG F/UTP, 1000ft Reel
  8. Commscope Media 6® 65NS4+ Cat6 Solid Bare Copper
    Commscope Media 6® 65NS4+ Cat6 Solid Bare Copper - 23AWG F/UTP CMR, 1000ft Reel
  9. Commscope
    CommScope NETCONNECT® Cat5E Solid Bare Copper - 24AWG UTP CMP, 1000ft Box
  10. Commscope Cat6 Solid Bare Copper F/UTP
    CommScope Cat6 Solid Bare Copper - 23AWG U/UTP CMP ETL, 1000ft Box
  11. 65S4+ GRAY REEL
    CommScope Media 6® 65S4+ Cat6 Solid Bare Copper - 23AWG F/UTP CMP, 1000ft Reel
  12. CommScope Cat6 Solid Bare Copper - 23AWG F/UTP CMP, 1000ft Reel
    CommScope Cat6 Solid Bare Copper - 23AWG F/UTP CMP, 1000ft Reel
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14 Items


Where Reliability and Versatility Intersect

Regardless of how you choose to look at it, it's difficult to argue the fact that technology is becoming a more essential part of our lives with each passing day. The Internet is more than just a way for us to pass the time. It's how businesses function on a daily basis, creating the types of products and services that meaningfully impact people's lives. It's how we stay connected with our friends, family members and other loved ones, even when we're (often) half a world away. It's how we broaden our horizons and learn new things, all without ever leaving the comfort of our very own homes if we don't want to.

At the heart of all of that and more are network infrastructures that literally billions of people around the globe depend on daily. At the heart of all that is often a company like CommScope.

CommScope: The Story

CommScope began life all the way back in 1975, when it was simply the name given to a product line of a very particular type of Superior Continental Cable. Then 29-year-old entrepreneur Frank Drendel was tasked with leading a team that had to sell what was, by everyone's admissions at the time, a failing product line.

But Frank knew that even though the products themselves were less than popular, the ideas that they represented were much bigger and more important. He could see the direction of the winds changing and knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that the time was right to make a move.

Frank Drendel and his partner, the equally forward thinking Jearld Leonhardt, were able to secure roughly $5.1 million in capital to purchase the CommScope product line two years later in 1976. It was at that point that CommScope, Inc. was formed. But even in those early days, the brand itself was not the one that people have currently come to know and love. Far from it.

In 1978, CommScope merged with another company called Valtech and everything was folded under the Valtech umbrella. CommScope's products were sold alongside the quality fiber optics lines and equipment that had made such an impact in the previous decade. In fact, Valtech actually donated a huge amount of equipment to both C-SPAN and the United States House of Representatives in 1979 - something that made the first live broadcast of congressional proceedings in this country possible. Think about that for a moment: you wouldn't be able to stay as informed with our government and our politics as you currently can without CommScope cable behind it all.

During the 1980s, Valtech was sold to a company called M/A-COM and CommScope became a valued part of the cable home group for that particular company. During the early part of that decade, CommScope formed its own internal network cable division and focused on providing services for local area networks, data communications and other specialized wire markets. This proved to be so successful and made such an impact that a few years later when M/A-COM sold its cable home group to the General Instrument Corporation, CommScope became an important part of yet another brand.

All of this continued for another decade and in 1997, General Instrument actually divided itself into not one but three totally independent brands. CommScope became one of them. Things started moving very, very quickly after that point.

After a brief stint as a publicly traded company (Frank Drendel even rang the bell at the New York Stock Exchange to celebrate the occasion in 1997), CommScope was acquired by the Carlyle Group in 2011. This move made CommScope privately owned again and removed it from the New York Stock Exchange. After a next few years filled with a number of additional acquisitions (which saw the size of the company more than double), CommScope again celebrated an initial public offering in 2015.

All throughout this period, CommScope continued to make a series of strategic acquisitions that allowed it to broaden the audience it was able to serve, along with how it was able to serve them. Also in 2015, for example, CommScope acquired the broadband networking solutions division of TE Connectivity. This single move allowed CommScope to become the leading communications infrastructure provider in the industry, putting it in an excellent place to meet the planet's growing demand for network bandwidth over the next few years.

Another major acquisition that CommScope was responsible for involved Andrew Corporation, which brought all of that company's products (including antennas, amplifiers, transceivers and other assets geared towards the broadband and cellular industries) into the fold. If CommScope wasn't currently the leader in one particular area, they've showed that they are more than willing to find the people who are and partner with them in any way that they can. 

During the same year the company also acquired Airvana, which was a private company that specialized in small cell solutions. This also expanded the company's leadership in terms of providing wireless capacity and coverage to the business Wi-Fi market, which itself has exploded over the last few years.

Flash forward to today and CommScope currently employs more than 20,000 people all over the world, spread across more than 130 different countries. CommScope's focus is now in four core areas and it is essentially in a league of its own through all of them. These include indoor and outdoor wireless networks, data centers and central offices, access and back haul networks and connected and efficient buildings. Still publicly traded, they had a net income of more than $193 million and net assets totaling an impressive $7.04 billion during the same period.

Though the company itself have changed in immeasurable ways over the last 42 years, its core mission has been unwavering. Everyone who works for the company has still dedicated themselves to being at the forefront of the infrastructure, the products and the solutions that make people's lives better. They're still devoted to making communication faster and easier than ever. They strive to improve the way we learn, work and interact with each other and are constantly challenging what the status quo means and pushing things farther whenever possible - for the benefit of every last one of us.

CommScope: The Products

But equally as impressive as CommScope's story is the robust line of products that the company currently offers. The CommScope Cat5E Solid Bare Copper 24AWG UTP CMR 1000 ft Box is one such product, featuring a non-plenum, white jacket, support for the aforementioned 1000 foot (or 305 meter) length of CommScope networking cable and much, much more.

Equally impressive is the CommScope Cat5E Solid Bare Copper 24AWG UTP Flooded 1000ft Reel, which is a very precise type of data cable that features UUT shielding, a 24 AWG gauge, acts as a solid conductor and meets all GEN PURP standards.

These are just a few of the many, many quality CommScope products that we're proud to offer here at FireFold. Whether you're looking for Cat5 CommScope networking cable, Cat6 or are interested in any of the other networking products that the company has to offer, we've got you covered in more ways than one. Please note that most of our products not only come with lifetime warranties and fast and easy returns but also same day shipping in most situations, a full 60 day money back guarantee and other types of features and benefits that you just aren't going to be able to find anywhere else.