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What is VESA?
When shopping for consumer electronics, you might have come across details in the specs such as "VESA Compatible" or "VESA Compliant". The terms might seem a bit elusive, but in actuality, they are designed to make creating your home theater a simpler and more precise process.

What is VESA?

VESA is an acronym for the Video Electronics Standards Association. This organization is an international corporation that establishes standards for computer graphics. VESA has expanded its objective to include standards for video peripherals.

What This Means for the Consumer

Most TVs and monitors produced today come equipped with a VESA standard. This simply means the device has set measurement guidelines when it comes to mounting. For example, a TV's instruction guide might say it is VESA compliant up to 400x400. The numbers refer to the distance between mounting holes on the unit, measured in millimeters. The consumer can conclude that as long as they find a mount that does not have a mounting pattern exceeding 400x400mm, it should be compatible with their television model. (I say *should* because every TV and every mount are manufactured differently. Universality is a general guideline and does not always guarantee an exact fit.) You will notice on FireFold TV mount descriptions, we typically list the exact mounting pattern, as well as the VESA compatible standards. This helps you to get a better idea of which mounts will fit your particular TV model when shopping. Other factors to take into consideration are the screen size and weight of the TV.

VESA Controversy

VESA has not come without controversy. Over the years, some have criticized the fact that manufacturers are required to pay for a VESA membership or prove their products comply with VESA standards to make it to market. Even after a company has canceled a VESA membership, they are still bound by VESA standards in the manufacture of goods. If the standards were publicly available, this would not be so controversial. However, some newer standards documentation comes with a fee - sometimes hundreds or thousands of dollars.


Overall, VESA standards serve their purpose. Selecting a TV wall mount is an easier process, and buyers can order one with confidence, knowing their TV meets the guidelines for a particular mount. We know this reassurance is important when shopping online. We strive to provide as many details as possible so you can ensure the likelihood you've purchased a mount that will work well for your needs. If you ever find yourself questioning whether a mount will work for you, feel free to contact one of our Customer Service Representatives. We're happy to help you narrow down your choices and pick out a mount designed for your HDTV.
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