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Things To Consider When Purchasing an Action Camera

If this is the first time you’re purchasing an action camera, you may be overwhelmed by all of the options available. And you may have a ton of questions, such as:

We want to help you make the best decision for your needs so that you can get the most out of your action camera. No matter if your goal is to mount your new camera to a bike or helmet and use it on a regular basis, or you want to capture a one-time hang-gliding or rock climbing adventure, the following are the most important considerations when you’re browsing through the seemingly endless array of action cameras on the market.


When you’re biking, surfing, snowboarding or taking on another hardcore activity, occasionally wiping out is inevitable. In fact, wipeouts can look really cool when captured by an action camera! Thus, you want a camera that can handle its’ active lifestyle.

Most Durable Action Cameras


As some people are more tech-savvy than others, you should select a camera that isn’t too sophisticated for your needs. Many cameras work with integrated apps and thus require a smartphone during operation while other cameras are stand-alone units. Different camera types come with a variety of features, such as a waterproof case and different types of mounting arms, and the best choice is very user-specific. Here are some features to look for to assure seamless use of your new action camera.

Features To Consider

Video Quality

When browsing action cameras, you’ll notice that some have more enhancement features than others. These include an impressive zoom range and a wide lens in order to capture more of the landscape. If your goal is simply to capture video and upload it with minimal editing, considerations such as image resolution and software compatibility may not be high priorities. But if you’re a film buff and enjoy editing videos, you have much more to consider along with the camera’s image-capturing capability, including app integration and frame rate.

Image Resolution and Frame Rates

Image resolution among action cameras varies widely, from low-quality 720p to 4K, with 1080p the standard. Most users will find that 1080p is more than sufficient, especially on Internet platforms such as YouTube. Resolution is typically improved with 4K recording.

As for frame rate, most users will find that 30 frames per second is an acceptable playback speed. Those who want more options when tweaking their video or still images should opt for a camera with 120fps capability.

Cameras With the Best Video Quality

Overall Value

Of course, your budget is one of the biggest factors involved with choosing the right action camera. But many people make the mistake of being too thrifty and end up with a camera they’re disappointed with. You should choose a camera that has all or most of the features you desire and doesn’t break the bank.

Best Value Among Action Cameras

We hope that this post has made your decision easier as you shop for your first action camera. No matter which model you choose, your new action camera will allow you to savor your adventures!