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Video Cable Types and Their Uses For The Less Tech Savvy

If you’ve ever gone into an electronics store, the vast supply of video cable types and cable management products can get confusing. Your home, office, and pretty much any place you’ll need to connect or power the devices you use will have a wide array of different cables and there’s a reason each type of connective cable works the way that it does. For those who don’t work in the video trades, the types of cables used for various portions of electronic set up can be difficult to keep straight.

We’ve rounded up a comprehensive list of some common video cable types you’ll find, with an explanation for their uses. This should aid you in finding the proper cable when you need a replacement or are in the process of installing new equipment.

Video Cable Types and Their Uses

There are a number of other cable types which are less commonly used, but this list should help you in understanding some of the standard cables you use every day.

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