VGA to HDMI Converter Instructions

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One of the most popular questions we get asked is “How do I connect my laptop to a TV?” Maybe you want to watch Netflix on the big screen or show some home videos you have stashed away on your hard drive. Whatever your motivation, it’s a lot simpler than you think, and we do it here at FireFold on a regular basis. One option is to use a VGA to HDMI Converter. This little converter comes with 3.5mm audio, so you can transmit both video and sound from your computer to your TV. Just to illustrate how easy it is to use this converter, we put together a little visual aid for you.

This handy little converter from FireFold allows you to connect your laptop or PC to an HDTV or HD monitor. It transmits video via the VGA connector and audio via a 3.5mm connector. It is powered by the computer’s USB port, so no additional power supply is required.

VGA to HDMI Converter Installation

VGA to HDMI Converter Infograph

  • gee

    Will it work in reverse? I want to convert HDMI to VGA and audio. I am connecting an HDMI-only Roku3 to a computer monitor that doesn’t have audio, so I need to separate via external speakers.

    • admin

      Unfortunately, it will not. You will be down-converting, and those types of converters are usually a little pricier. We don’t currently have any at FireFold.

  • Rich Greenwalt

    HELP ! This unit was working , now it changes the size of the icons and size of the screen , now I just get a green screen .

    • admin

      Hi Rich, if you can contact customer service at 704-979-7100, they’ll be happy to help troubleshoot!