HDMI Cable Features Comparison

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We believe when it comes to the basics of bringing high definition into your home or office, your HDMI cable shouldn’t cost more than your TV. FireFold offers a wide range of options for High-Speed HDMI cables at an affordable … Read More

What Is Thunderbolt and How Is It Used?

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Thunderbolt is a relatively new technology that supports high-resolution displays and high-performance data through one single port, but the connectivity allows you to add several devices to your computer through a daisy chain of cords. Thunderbolt gives users a chance … Read More

What Is FireWire: The In’s and Out’s

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  In simplest terms, FireWire enables high-speed communication between two separate computers or between a computer and a peripheral, such as a keyboard or a digital camera. Connectivity is an important aspect of computer technology. Having multiple devices that all … Read More

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