Welcome back, Gaming!

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If you missed our gaming selection, the good news is we’re bringing it back and bringing it back with a venegeance! This week, we launched a new and improved gaming category with accessories for consoles like Xbox One, PS4, Wii, … Read More

FireFold Black Friday 2013 Deals!

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FireFold Black Friday 2013 Deals FireFold Black Friday 2013 is nearing once again and FireFold will have you covered with some great deals! Starting at midnight Eastern time on Friday morning, you will see incredible deals on High Speed HDMI … Read More

What is Plenum Cable?

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What is Plenum Cable? More than likely if you’re wondering what it is, it’s because it’s popped up in your building restrictions as a requirement. Or maybe you were just browsing for networking cable and were wondering why this type … Read More

Welcome Great Lakes Case and Cabinet

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FireFold just recently added Great Lakes Case and Cabinet to our product lineup. We’re steadily rolling out the products, so if you want to see what’s new, just check out our Great Lakes category. What’s so special about Great Lakes? … Read More

4Kx2K Ultra HD Takes Center Stage

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The latest HDMI release touted support for up to 4Kx2K resolution, but up until now, options for this technology have been mostly limited to projectors. The technology was launched at the 2013 International CES and is on the rise. The … Read More

What is Redmere HDMI?

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FireFold announces the addition of Redmere® HDMI Cables from Vanco to the FireFold product line. These High-Speed HDMI cables feature the unique Redmere HDMI chip which allows longer transmission ranges over thinner cables. The 100% pure copper conductors start at … Read More

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