Classic Video Game Systems

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Video game systems have evolved a great deal over the years, that’s for sure. Before there was the sophisticated PS4 or the Xbox, there was ColecoVision and Atari. While today’s gaming consoles have great lifelike graphics, movie-like storylines, and realistic simulation capabilities, … Read More

The Basics of Google Glass

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Computers and technology are evolving at an astounding rate. What was new one year ago is outdated now, and high-tech innovations to come do not really seem all that far off. Smartphones and tablets brought touch interactivity; however wearable and … Read More

Android vs. iPhone

In the market for a new smartphone but undecided on whether to go with Android or the Apple iPhone? Both platforms are popular and similar in many respects when it comes to the features available. However, there are some areas … Read More

How Surge Protectors Work

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Voltage from electrical outlets fluctuates due to lightning, power plant generation issues, power line transmission issues and other factors. Surge protectors are vital to protecting electronic equipment from power surges and spikes. They slow down, block, or divert excess electrical … Read More

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