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How to Choose a Home Theater Projector

A home theater projector is the ultimate way to get the best home theater experience. When you are trying to create a movie theater experience, nothing comes close to the projector. Projectors deliver great cinematic detail as well as color in a screen that is larger than life. The size of the screen is measured in inches and you can get life-sized images right there in your entertainment room.

Before you get a projector, you need to know where you will mount it. There are ceiling projector mounts available so you won’t have to worry about it taking up any extra space. Additionally, you should also get a projector screen. Projector screens can be mounted, free standing or retractable (motorized or manual). You may want to skip the screen and project the image directly to your wall,  and this is okay. However, screens deliver a more consistent and smoother image.

What to consider when shopping for a projector

Projectors from major manufacturers are all impressive, and most of their features will leave you in awe. However, it is important to note that each projector has its features. Here are some features to check before you make your purchase.