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Different Types of Hammers

Hammers are common tools that people use in their day-to-day living. Different tasks such as driving nails into woods, driving steel nails into walls, joining pieces of woods together, breaking hard objects including rocks, and others that cannot be done with your bare hands. Different types of hammers play vital roles; they are always there to simplify the work and make life a little easier.

Types of Hammers

With so many different types of hammers available, how do you find the right tool for the right job? To help you, here are some descriptions of the types of hammers and what they are best used for at home and at work.


The clawhammer is one of the most interactive hammers in the world. Many people have claw hammers in their homes. The claw hammer is a multipurpose hammer: It can drive nails into wood and join pieces of woods together using nails. People in carpentry industries use the claw hammer a great deal for their work. One end of the claw hammer is flat and it is the side used for driving nails. The other end has toothed claws that are used for removing nails from objects. There is also a claw hammer that is very useful to electricians: The electrician’s straight claw hammer.

Framing Hammer

As the name suggests, a framing hammer is best used for framing a house. Usually, a framing hammer comes with a heavy head, mild face, and a long handle. Its main use is to drive long nails into surfaces like lumber with ease. Recently, many builders have shown an overwhelming preference for nail guns over the framing hammer, but it is an equally important tool in construction tasks.

Mason’s Hammer

Unlike the two hammers above, the mason’s hammer is heavier and has a short handle. One of its ends is sledged while the other end is flat. Masons mostly use the sledged end for cutting and trimming building blocks into correct sizes and shapes. On the other hand, the flat end is used to break the building blocks into smaller pieces. These hammers are rarely found in typical homes. Their heads are heavy to exert a lot of pressure on the blocks in order to break them with ease.

Ball-Peen Hammer

Its head is round like a ball, hence the name ball pen hammer. It is mostly used in metal works. It can be used in peening welded metals, expanding copper rovers, and shaping and setting rivets. In addition, the ball pen hammer can also be used in chiseling.

The hammers above are some of the hammers you can find at home and workplace. However, there are other heavier and bigger hammers such as the sledgehammer that are used for heavier jobs like breaking hard surfaces and rocks.

How to Choose the Right Hammer for the Job

A hammer can be considered as one of the simplest and useful tool in a handyman’s tool kit. With so many choices, it becomes very difficult for you to select the right hammer for the right job. Here, we will mention some widely used hammers along with their specific uses. This will help you to choose the right hammer for you.

Ball-Peen Hammer & Its Uses

Sledgehammer & Its Uses

Clawhammer & Its Uses

Hand Drilling Hammer & Its Uses

Tack Hammer & Its Uses

There are several other types of hammers that you can buy from the market to accomplish your all hammering needs or requirements. These include drywall hammers, mallets, finishing hammers, and many more.

Safety Tips