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Read about computer Networks at FireFold Blog. Networking basics, tips and techniques, troubleshooting and more!

February 4, 2016
Complete Guide to Local Area Networks

Local Area Networks: The Complete Dummy’s Guide

Computer internet connections can be a baffling concept. When you log into your computer to get onto the internet, you want it to work, and fast. […]
January 11, 2016
The Internet of Things

The Internet Of Things: Overview and Impact on Businesses

If you have not heard of the Internet of Things (IoT), you will likely notice an uptick in the use of the phrase as well as […]
January 8, 2016
Cat7 Ethernet Cable

Cat7 Ethernet Cable: Is It Worth The Extra Cost?

Homes and businesses today operate on either a wired network connection or a wireless (Wi-Fi) connection. Wired connections are typically faster than Wi-Fi and have lower […]
December 7, 2015
Data Center Cooling

Data Center Cooling: Let Heat Stay Outside With Mother Nature

More than ever, a variety of businesses rely on data centers for maximum uptime of websites, off-site storage, and other data-heavy applications. With continually increasing demands […]

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