Preserving Your CDs

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Do you still have a vast collection of CDs that you either still listen to or are hidden away somewhere? It turns out that those compact discs are now a collector’s item. In fact, the Library of Congress houses more … Read More

Smartphones and Privacy Risks

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Smartphones are essential gadgets in most people’s lives nowadays. After all, these devices are transforming mobile computing into the ability to do everything a desktop computer can do. Only smartphones can perform functions into a small handheld device.  But have … Read More

The Latest iPhone 6 Rumors

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If you’re like many people, you are awaiting the arrival of the much-anticipated iPhone 6! There are many rumors floating around out there, and they change almost daily. There are many photos that have been leaked that show clones of … Read More

Choosing a Flat-Screen TV

A TV is one of the most important components of an entertainment system and home theater system. IF you’re in the market for a new television for watching movies, playing games and even going online, consider a flat-screen TV. A flat-screen … Read More

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