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Product Spotlight: Klein Tools, Professional Grade Electrical Equipment

Product Spotlight Klein Tools


Product Spotlight Klein Tools

Sometimes it feels like every successful company is on a path to an IPO, where the original founder or founders can become wealthy, acquire new capital for expansion into new product categories, and ultimately cede control of their business to executives who are driven to maximize the profit margins of the company for shareholders.

While going the publicly traded route is certainly a legitimate way to go for some companies, the Kleins of Klein Tools, Inc. have done it differently. Since the company was founded in 1857, Klein Tools has remained in the family’s hands.

For 159 years, and over five generations, the Kleins have focused on creating high-quality hand tools for a variety of industries, including handymen and electricians, and their products have also frequently been used at companies both large and small in the telecommunications and construction industries, among others.

The Kleins have grown their company organically, and over more than a century and a half have established a reputation for their company, and their products, that makes them highly-respected by insiders in the industries they serve.

Why Klein Tools is Different

It is readily apparent that the Klein family, and by extension Klein Tools, is a different kind of company. They clearly believe in what they do, and only put the best their company is capable into the market. On top of that, Klein tools are proudly made in the United States, meaning the Klein family has been employing Americans and providing excellent quality tools for most of U.S. history.

How This Guide Will Help You

Over the years, Klein Tools has expanded their product offerings to far more than just the basic hand tools they started off with in 1857. These new product categories have been grown organically, with great care to ensure that the new products met or exceeded the Klein family’s already exceptionally high standards for their company.

They have been largely successful in this endeavor, and now have more than 30 different product categories available on their website — at FireFold, we are proud to carry products in 11 of those categories.

This guide will help you by highlighting some of the products we believe best exemplify the expert craftsmanship, attention to detail, passion, and love that the Klein family has sustained for longer than almost any other company in the United States has even existed. While the products we highlight are without a doubt fantastic products, our highlighting of them in no way takes away from the rest of their product line.

Shop Klein Tools

Fish Tapes and Conduit Tools

Klein Tools offers more than 100 different products in this category, appealing to a wide range of use-cases and budgets. This is the perfect example of how Klein appeals to both ends of the market.

Recommended Fishing Glow Rod

The Klein Tools 56409 is a set of six 9-foot rods, which are versatile, flexible, and designed to protect users from fiberglass splinters. The rods also glow in the dark, making it easier to use them safely and effectively in low-light or night conditions.

Hex Key Wrenches

Every toolbox needs a set of hex keys. The problem is being able to fit the ones you need without taking up too much space, and of course, losing them somewhere along the way.

Recommended Hex Key Wrench

The Nine-Key Inch Folding Hex-Key Set by Klein Tools is a compact hex key wrench with the ability to be used in straight-out or right angle positioning and is designed not to strip, even with heavy use.

Knives & Cutting Tools

A sharp and reliable knife or cutting tool is one of the most basic, and versatile, tools in any toolbox. In many situations, being confident that you can slice something on the job is as essential as being able to use your hands.

Recommended Utility Knife

In typical Klein Tool fashion, the Klein Tools Folding Utility Knife combines affordability, heavy-duty design, and effective triple group blades to ensure that this knife will stand the test of time.

Levels & Measuring Tools

The last thing anyone wants to do is spend a day on a project, only to find that the alignment was off and that you need to start from scratch. That’s why a reliable level is so important.

Recommended Level

Klein Tools shows their innovative spirit with their 9 Inch Lighted Electrician’s Level. The level has a light which helps in low light settings, but the level also automatically turns off after 3 minutes so that the AAA batteries last for as long as possible. The level also is designed to take a beating, so you won’t have to worry when you inevitably drop it from on top of that 15-foot ladder.


Pliers are another one of those essential pieces of a toolkit. However, chances are the pliers in your toolkit are old or not the best or most effective solution for some of the situations you find yourself in.

Plier’s Recommendation

The 9-Inch Journeyman High-Leverage Side-Cutting Pliers by Klein Tools are made from US steel, and utilize a crimping die placed behind the hinge to increase your leverage for those particularly tough situations.

Voice and Data Testers

Test and Tone Kits are not for everyone, but for those who use them, their reliability is absolutely critical. If you’re going to invest in a Test and Tone kit, make sure you get it right the first time.

Recommended Test and Tone Kit

The VDV501829 Commander by Klein Tools is an all-in-one kit, which offers everything from cable location and identification, cable length and distance via Time Domain Reflectometry, and even active network testing. The Commander can even save as many as 256 cable and network tests, which can then be exported or printed out for future reference.

Where You Can Buy Klein Tool Products

Klein Tool products are sold in retail locations throughout the United States, as well as directly on their website. FireFold is also proud to offer a wide selection of the Klein Tools products that we believe are best suited for our customers.

For additional information about Klein Tools, or about any of our other product offerings at FireFold, please contact us here!

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