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Future Proofing for Smart Homes as an Installer

According to a number of recent studies, smart home technology is more popular than ever – a trend that shows absolutely no signs of slowing down […]

4K HDMI 2.0 Beats HDMI 1.4 Hands Down In the Battle to Best Transfer

DIFFERENCES BETWEEN HDMI 2.0 AND 1.4 With the introduction of HDMI 2.0 in late 2013, bandwidth capabilities increased while hardware compatibility remained. Let’s take a look […]

How to install a Net Media Enclosure

How to install a Net Media Enclosure A net media enclosure is designed as a solution for managing data, video and voice applications in a home […]

What is USB-C ?

Though USB-C itself is a fairly new advancement, the USB standard has actually been around since the mid-1990s. It was originally developed by the USB Implementers […]

Benefits of Using a Wireless HDMI Extender

Home and office technology continues to advance at a fast pace, and it is difficult to always discern if certain tech gadgets are useful or just […]

The 12 Most Insane Media Rooms in the World

  A dedicated media room provides the ideal escape from reality. With a large screen that delivers a clear and crisp image, surround sound to provide […]

Upgrade Your Vintage Gaming Console Experience

If you’re missing your favorite video games from childhood, don’t let the fear of connecting your vintage gaming console to your HDTV get in the way […]

How to Maintain a Highly Productive Work Environment

  Productivity is vital to any business as it is directly correlated with profitability. Staying profitable is all about being smart, from building a productive workspace […]

Need For Speed—Making Your Home Office Fast & Efficient

  Your home office space is usually the one area in your home where you hope to get things done. Whether you work from home or […]

From Halo to Mario: A ‘Techie’s’ Guide to the Ultimate Gaming Experience

  When thinking of how you could have the ultimate gaming experience, your mind may automatically jump to having the latest and greatest gaming consoles and […]

10 Must-Have Home Theater Accessories for Under $25

Home theater accessories are great additions to any media center setup. They can amplify the viewing experience, create a great aesthetic, and keep your home theater […]

What to Look For When Buying Wireless Routers

If you are trying to set up a wireless Internet connection in your building or your home, the one piece of equipment that you will need […]

Future Trends in the Information Technology Industry

  If you want to be a part of an industry that is constantly subject to new trends due to world-spread innovation and activity, you don’t […]

Power Receptacles: What Are They?

As you start to tackle your next home entertainment DYI project or plan to update the connectivity in your office, you may be focused on making […]

What To Do When Your Client’s Servers Go Down

You’re working on your tasks for the day, and everything appears to be going well … until your client sends an urgent message saying that their […]

What Are Fiber Optic Products?

One of the most improved-upon products in the IT industry is the network cable. Given that we need to be able to transmit more data at […]

Difference Between Composite and Component Adapters

When it comes to audio-visual cables that are used for video products within the market, there are two types that exist: composite and component. Although both […]

What Are the Differences Between Cat5 and Cat5e Cables?

When it comes to using network cables for setting up, whether for a home setup or a complicated multi-machine configuration for a prestigious IT company, people […]

Why Is My Home Projector Not Working?

You’ve worked a long, hard day, and you have finally arrived home. All you want to do is sit down, go to your custom-built home theater, […]

Unknown Accessories Needed for Home Theater Perfection

Let’s face it: As someone who is obsessed with home theaters, you can’t get enough of seeing the multiple pictures of customized home theaters that appear […]

IT Accessories Needed for Every School

If you went to a normal public school a couple of years ago, you may have noticed that they were significantly behind when it came to […]

How to Build a Perfect Conference Room

Every commercial building has at least one conference room in it. A conference room is a place where important meetings can be had between two or […]

10 IT Mistakes You Should Not Be Making

In the IT industry, you want to avoid making mistakes where possible. It’s less time that you have to spend on fixing issues and more time […]

Tips to Building a Productive Home Office

People are beginning to prefer working from home at an alarming rate. According to statistics pulled from GlobalWorkplaceAnalytics.com, working at home among regular employees has grown […]

Tools and Brands Every IT Professional Should Know

As an up and coming IT professional, you are going to have to become familiar with the tools and brands that will take you toward success. […]

How to Install Banana Plugs

Banana plugs are single wire connectors that are used to join wires with other pieces of equipment. The main benefit of using banana plugs is that […]

Home Theater Accessories You Need

Anyone who owns a home theater worth bragging about knows that every single element makes or breaks the entire experience. Owners will spend good money on […]

11 Common Networking Cable Mistakes

Network cabling is one of those things that seems easy on paper but ends up being hard once you apply it in the real world. Most […]

Using USB to HDMI Adapters for Videos

You have thousands of pictures on your computer, tablet, and phone. Besides the pictures, you have countless videos taking up space on your devices. And how […]

Using Racks and Shelves to Organize Contractor Equipment

Organization is crucial for contractors and, depending on the business you’re in, the way you store and organize your equipment can vary significantly. With all of […]

How to Manage Extra Cord Length Without Clutter

When organizing your workspace, or any room with any amount of technology for that matter, one of the biggest challenges is figuring out what to do […]

How to Keep Fiber Optic Cables in Premium Condition

In any discussion about telephone systems, cable TV, or the internet, you are likely to hear the term “fiber optic cables” thrown in at least a […]

How HDMI Signal Extenders Work

  High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cables have revolutionized our entertainment experience by increasing the number of devices that can be easily linked to our TVs. They […]

Knowing When You Do and Don’t Need an Electrician

Dealing with electrical wiring and various components isn’t something that the average layman can, or should, try to tackle.  Electrical systems can be complex as well […]

Why You Should Use a Home Security Camera System

Safety and peace of mind is extremely important to all of us, and we want to feel these things in our own home more than anywhere […]

Creating a Home Surround Sound System

Many people like the large screen and great sound systems they experience when they go to a movie theater, but the actual experience of sitting in […]

Customizing Your Xbox Setup

Representing one of the most popular gaming brands in the world, Xbox offers users one of the best gaming experiences possible. Versatile and always looking to […]

Situations When a Female to Female Coax is Needed

Coaxial cables are one of the most common types of cables and overall information transfer technologies you’re likely going to see with television and other video […]

How Wireless HDMI Extender Kits Work for You

Technology is always advancing and, with it, our opportunities concerning how we work and play. HDMI technology has traditionally relied on cables, but now wireless HDMI […]

10 Must-Know Tips for Improving Wireless Home Network Security

Here in the 21st century, interconnectivity is nothing if not a fact of life, and this only becomes more the case every day. The Internet and […]

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Home Theater System

Everyone loves going to the movies. It is a classic choice for an outing or a date night, but with the soaring prices of movie tickets […]

What You Need to Know About Fiber Optic Cable

If you’re considering making fiber optic cable your choice when it comes to your next installation, you’re in excellent company. Individuals and companies everywhere are discovering […]

Surge Protectors: Why You Should Upgrade and How to Know It’s Time

Most of us are consciously aware that electronics and their accessories need to be replaced and upgraded every so often. Not only do they not last […]

Is Your Tool Collection Complete? 9 Essential Items You Might Not Have (But Totally Should)

Whether you’re a die-hard DIY enthusiast or simply a homeowner that likes to be prepared for any possibility, a toolkit is an absolute must. However, it’s […]

6 Awesome Summer Projects for Avid DIYers

If you’re like most hardcore DIY enthusiasts, then it’s probably pretty safe to say several things are true of you. Your idea of a good time […]

5 Reasons Your Home Theater Should Include a Projector

If you’re planning a home theater in the near future, then it probably stands to reason that you’re carefully weighing your options when it comes to […]

USB Adapters – Don’t Leave the House Without One

Wallet. Keys. Cell phone. Tablet. Laptop. Headphones. Cash. ID. These days, there’s a lot that you can’t leave your house without. If you go back and […]

Types of USB Cables

Universal Serial Bus (USB) was invented in the 1990s in order to simplify and standardize the connections between devices and computers. USB cables have become widely […]

How to Pick the Right USB Charger and Cabling

All of our electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, fitness trackers, and more, provide us with many individual chargers. A single cable can allow you freedom from […]

Essential Smartphone Accessories for College

If you just graduated high school and are moving on to college, it is time to start packing! It can be overwhelming deciding what to pack […]

Back to School USB Needs

Back to school season is upon us and in full swing! As we sail into July and prepare to run headfirst into August, students in high […]

How To Set Up a Server Room on a Budget

As your small business expands, your data management needs will eventually outgrow your main network setup and require a suite of servers to handle the increased […]

How To Remove Malware Effectively and Efficiently

Detecting and removing malware from your system is an essential skill that is necessary for maintaining any computer. The process of how to remove malware is […]

STP vs UTP Cables: Comparing Each and When To Use Them

When you install phone or network wiring, you’ll need to choose between two major options, STP vs UTP cables. Shielded twisted-pair cables contain a hidden metal […]

Product Spotlight: Vertical Cable, Make The Right Connection

As the name might imply, Vertical Cable supplies a massive range of cables, patch cords and connectors for various applications. While our tech enthusiast team members […]

Router Security: Protect Yourself With These Simple Tips

Router security is an important aspect when it pertains to maintaining a safe technological environment in the workplace. When you want to have a more secure […]

Things To Consider When Purchasing an Action Camera

If this is the first time you’re purchasing an action camera, you may be overwhelmed by all of the options available. And you may have a […]

GoPro vs SJCAM, Let The Battle Begin

  Are you in the market for a new action camera? Today there are tons of options from which to choose, so we’re going to make […]

Product Spotlight: SJCAM, Taking Video Recording To A New Level

SJCAM is a relatively youthful company with a lot to offer in the field of action cameras and photography accessories. The Hong Kong company differentiates itself […]

How To Get Better Action Cam Footage on Your Camera

Cameras keep getting more compact and convenient for recording things like concerts, nature hikes, family events and even extreme sports POV shots. Action cams like those […]

Information of Everything: Connectivity Through Technology

You’ve heard of the Internet of Things. It’s a network in which every device that you interact with can communicate with a host of other devices. […]

Building a Cheap DIY Home Theater The Easy Way

Everyone has experienced the difficulties of going to an actual movie theater. Finding the right seat, waiting in line and overpaying for movie snacks are all […]

What is HDR TV and What Does It Mean For The Future of TV?

HDR TV is expected to be the next technological advance for television. While this technology has been in the works for years, it is finally starting […]

3 Easy Ways on How To Find Studs in Walls and Ceilings

  You’ve settled on the ideal location for your television, purchased the perfect television mount and gathered the necessary tools to install it. Now, you just […]

What is HDCP and How Does It Affect You?

You might be wondering what is HDCP? High-bandwidth digital content protection (HDCP) may sound like a topic that only computer programmers need to worry about. Nevertheless, […]

Product Spotlight: Kendall Howard Racks and Rack Accessories

The quality of your office or home security racks and accessories is of the utmost importance. Servers, computers, and network accessories are extremely expensive machines that […]

The Ultimate Set of Networking Tools for Professionals

Network professionals have jobs that depend on ensuring smooth sailing on the network, but when things go wrong, the right tools are needed to minimize downtime. […]

How To Boost Wifi Signal and Improve Your Wifi Performance

If you are not satisfied with your home or office Wi-Fi performance or if you simply want a faster connection, you have come to the right […]

What is a Patch Panel and What Is Its Purpose?

These days, it seems that just about everything is wireless. But to take advantage of the blazingly fast Internet now available in most homes and businesses, […]

Improving Your Network Security and Avoiding Nasty Breaches

Though it is impossible to completely eliminate network security breaches, you can be proactive and implement a number of helpful safeguards to combat malicious individuals. Let’s […]

Product Spotlight: Crimson Audio and Video

Setting up audio and video equipment in your home or business is not the kind of project that you want to leave up to chance. There […]

Solid vs Stranded Cable – The Pros and Cons of Each

If you are on the fence as to whether you should use solid vs stranded cable, you are not alone. People all around the world struggle […]

Fiber vs Copper Cable – Which Wins The Battle?

In the technological engineering and setup world, there has been a lot of buzz in recent months about fiber optic cable. But what is all the […]

Video Cable Types and Their Uses For The Less Tech Savvy

If you’ve ever gone into an electronics store, the vast supply of video cable types and cable management products can get confusing. Your home, office, and pretty […]

Local Area Networks: The Complete Dummy’s Guide

Computer internet connections can be a baffling concept. When you log into your computer to get onto the internet, you want it to work, and fast. […]

Product Spotlight: Klein Tools, Professional Grade Electrical Equipment

  They have been largely successful in this endeavor, and now have more than 30 different product categories available on their website — at FireFold, we […]

How To Choose The Right Network Switch For Your Business?

Your network switch is a purchase that doesn’t lend itself well to buyer’s remorse. A faulty switch can shut off your entire network, slowing your operations to […]

The Internet Of Things: Overview and Impact on Businesses

If you have not heard of the Internet of Things (IoT), you will likely notice an uptick in the use of the phrase as well as […]

HDMI Cable Features Comparison

We believe when it comes to the basics of bringing high definition into your home or office, your HDMI cable shouldn’t cost more than your TV. […]

Earthquake Sound Home Audio Professional Gear Overview

There are few industries with more options for consumers to choose from than the home audio sector. There are thousands of different products to choose from, […]

What Is Thunderbolt and How Is It Used?

Thunderbolt is a relatively new technology that supports high-resolution displays and high-performance data through one single port, but the connectivity allows you to add several devices […]

What Is FireWire: The In’s and Out’s

  In simplest terms, FireWire enables high-speed communication between two separate computers or between a computer and a peripheral, such as a keyboard or a digital […]

6 Movies That Are Better With a Home Theater Speaker System

Watching movies at home is a better experience than ever before, thanks to the proliferation of TV-related technologies over the past several years. From 3D to […]

Data Center Cooling: Let Heat Stay Outside With Mother Nature

More than ever, a variety of businesses rely on data centers for maximum uptime of websites, off-site storage, and other data-heavy applications. With continually increasing demands […]

How To Install A TV Wall Mount: Tips From The Pros

Now is the time to hang the flat screen television. Perhaps you have put it off for years, or maybe someone else put your first flat […]

7 Tips For Installing Wall Mounted Shelves For Speakers

A home theater and advanced, digital speaker system define your entertainment experience. However, flush wall-mounted speakers are difficult to install and require advanced construction skills. When […]

The Best Projector For A Home Theater

As you consider all the ways to create an exciting and dynamic home theater space for you and your family, choosing the best projector is the […]

How To Choose The Perfect Projector For Your Theater Room

You’ve chosen the furniture, planned the decor and laid down the flooring. Now it is time to find the perfect projector for your theater room. This […]

Cat5 vs Cat6 Cables: What are the Differences?

Cat5 vs Cat6 Cables: What are the Differences? If you are reading this article, then you are the beneficiary of Cat5 and Cat6 cables. Although these […]

TV Wall Mount Sizes: Which Is The Best For Your TV Setup?

You’ve finally made that big purchase you’ve been saving up for a brand new flat screen HDTV. One of the primary benefits of flat screen TVs […]

DVI vs VGA Cables: Which One Should You Choose?

Most video devices have multiple ports, and people don’t know what they are for.  Curious people may look at the various ports and see that they […]

Television or Projector: Which Should You Choose?

It truly is a great time to be a television viewer. Whether you are a hardcore sports fan or an HBO addict who is counting down […]

Setting Up A Cloud Network For Your Home or Business

Setting up a network can be expensive and challenging.  Servers and other equipment and wires must be purchased, and someone with knowledge about the process has […]

Tips and Tricks to Installing Your Wall Mount TV Shelf

Flat screen televisions have taken the world by storm, with good reason. Their wall-hugging design allows the television to be placed at the most comfortable height […]

Should You Use a Smart TV or a Media Streaming Player?

The past decade has been a great one for television watchers. We have more programming choices than ever before, and more ways to watch them. Services […]

Access Point vs Router: An In-Depth Comparison

Technology jargon is often impenetrable and super confusing. How is a regular person supposed to understand how modern technology—which surrounds us at every step—functions and how […]

Easy Steps on How to Configure a Router

Setting up a wireless router and configuring a home network does not have to be a time-consuming chore and hassle. In fact, the task can be […]

How to Setup a Home Network the Easy Way

Even if you’re a relative computer novice or don’t have years of experience with the latest and greatest that modern technology has to offer under your […]

The Ultimate Guide to Building a Home Theater

Building your own home theater is an exciting endeavor! There are some who find the process of building a home theater to be completely complex and mind boggling. We […]

How to Create a Cat 6 Patch Cable

Cat 6 cable (listed in the standard as Category 6) is a standardized cable for 1000GBASE-T (Gigabit Ethernet) that is backward compatible with Category 5/5E and […]

DTS:X Immersive Audio – Coming Summer 2015

This summer, DTS will release its newest surround sound format, the multi-dimensional audio DTS:X, as an alternative to Dolby’s Atmos. This technology will be released in […]

Infographic: What is RedMere Technology?

HDMI cables are definitely a must-have for any home theater. But what kind of HDMI cable do you need? We’ve already touched on why expensive HDMI […]

How to Hide TV Wires for a Wall Mounted TV

A flat-screen TV mounted on the wall is a good-looking sight. Besides the better picture and quality sound that the TV adds to the house, it […]

Is 50 Micron Gold Plating Important on Ethernet Cables?

An Ethernet cable has RJ45 plugs on either end to connect a device to a modem or other device that connects to the Internet. Because it […]

DVI vs HDMI Cables: Which Is Better For You?

DVI vs HDMI connections are slightly different in nature. These differences make DVI more or less solely useful in the computing world while HDMI has been embraced […]

Why Cheap Lightning Cables are Not Better

Lightning cables have been in use for Apple products since 2012 with the introduction of the iPhone5. The cable is notable for its use of 8 pins […]

Cord Cutting: Is it Worth it?

Cable television has been part of American culture for the better part of the last century. The first cable TV connection extended broadcast TV signals into […]

All about HDMI ARC

Most home entertainment devices come with numerous input ports that enable video and sound interconnectivity between devices. One of the most common connection protocols in most […]

How To Watch The Big Game | 7 Tips For The Best Experience

The big game is one of the most widely watched events in history, with a viewership of more than 100 million people around the world! Over […]

Does Buying An Expensive HDMI Cable Make Sense?

The HDMI cable has significantly changed the way people enjoy entertainment. If you have shopped for a high definition television, a game console or a Blu-ray […]

How High Should I Mount My TV on a Wall?

Getting a new HDTV is always exciting. Who does not like watching their shows, movies, and sports on a bigger and better screen? Of course, you […]

Is ‘Destiny’ Lagging? Check your TV!

Your enemy is running just ahead of you. You instinctively sprint to close the gap. Your chosen weapon is now in optimum range. You aim and fire […]

FireFold Welcomes Added Power

This holiday season, we here at FireFold are excited to bring on the Added Power brand. About Added Power Added Power is a brand powered by […]

Why Use Shielded Cable and Keystone Jacks?

There are many options available when purchasing cables. How do you know which one is right for you? One of the most common types of cable […]

What is a High Density Keystone Jack?

One of the most common and useful components of data centers and networking is the keystone jack. Keystone jacks are mainly used in networking installations where a […]

Does Playing Video Games Make You Smarter?

The video gaming industry is alive and booming, even though the perception many people have is that video games are a waste of time. Others feel […]

The History of the Remote Control

In today’s world, we tend to take the remote control for granted. It allows us to command our electronic devices efficiently and reliably. Remote controls have […]

FireFold Black Friday Sale

We’re SO close to that special time of year again. Yes, Black Friday is just a hop, skip and a jump away, and FireFold has some […]

5 Top Gifts for Techies – Holiday 2014

Shopping for your favorite techie this year? Consumer electronic sales are expected to trend upwards this holiday season, and that means shoppers will need accessories! Here […]

EDID and the HDMI Handshake

With all the technology associated with HDMI, lots of elusive terms come into play. One term that comes up pretty frequently is EDID. It might seem […]

What is an HDTV Refresh Rate?

Shopping for a new TV? For most, this can be overwhelming and downright confusing. There are SO many makes and models available, each with their own […]

TV Wall Mount Types

TV mounts bring about a sense of modernity and an enhanced theater experience without having to leave the comfort of your house. They come in different […]

TV Viewing Distance and Size: The Best Combinations

Sitting in front of the TV offers individuals a chance to bond with their families and unwind after a frenzied day at the school or office. […]

Uses for Ethernet Cable

Ethernet cables are standard wires that connect computers to a network. These cables are specifically designed to facilitate easy communication between disparate electronic equipment. These electronic […]

The History of the iPhone

Imagine a world without iPhones. Less than a decade ago, that was the case. Here’s some information about the history of the ever-so-popular iPhone: The very […]

3 Ways to Stream Television from the Internet

Many of us find ourselves in a situation where we’re no longer able or even willing to pay for cable. Traditional cable packages are expensive and […]

The History of the iPod

Apple’s iPod is the dominating force when it comes to superior mp3 players in the portable music market. Just like the Nintendo games of the late 80’s, “iPod” […]

Lost Device? Here’s How to Track It

Technology is making it easy for you to be able to track your lost device remotely. It does not matter whether it got lost or was stolen. […]

How to Connect Your Devices to Your TV

In our homes today, electronics occupy almost every available space. Home theater systems cover your home with sound, portable music player allows you to carry your […]

What You Should Know About Windows 8.1

Since the very first windows OS, the Microsoft Disk operating system (MS-DOS), and windows 1.0 in the 1980s, Microsoft has not relented in continuously making the […]

Best PS4 Games for Kids

Videos games tend to have a bad reputation these days. Many that are advertised the most are filled with blood, gore, sex, and they offer nothing […]

Best Online Game Sites

The Internet is full of interesting and fun game sites to spend an evening or a lazy Sunday. For many, there is almost no other better […]

Tools Homeowners Should Own

For a novice or new homeowner, there are several upgrades and purchases to take into account when you decide to carry out maintenance or improvements to […]

Top iPad Apps

The iPad is one of the most popular devices around today. It has great graphics and easy to use apps making it a runaway best seller. One of […]

Top iPhone Video Game Apps

The iPhone offers a great number of applications and games for its users through the App Store. Some of the most played iPhone video game apps are listed […]

Should You Choose an Electric or an Acoustic Guitar?

The guitar is one of the most beautiful musical instruments in the world of music. Learning to produce quality music with a guitar is exhilarating for […]

How to Wire a Phone Jack

In a networked system, the outlet from the network where one plugs in the phone is referred to as the phone jack. Some jacks come with a […]

Home Network Requirements

Even though installing a home network is not very difficult if you have some basic networking knowledge, it is important to fully understand what you will […]

How to Wire a Patch Panel

Internet connections are required in areas with large populations such as business settings and work environments. In such areas where employees are spread across various offices […]

Equipment Needed for a Business Network

When you take into consideration the cutthroat nature of many businesses and the speed at which clients demand effective and efficient service, it’s easy to see […]

Common Home Network Mistakes and How to Fix Them Part 2

In a previous article, we looked at some common home network mistakes. We continue our list of mistakes and how to fix them: Failure to regularly […]

Common Home Network Mistakes and How to Fix Them Part 1

A well thought out home network brings in numerous advantages such as convenient internet access, additional home entertainment options, and ease of sharing files and other […]

Should You Choose Copper or Fiber Patch Panels?

There is no doubt that patch panels are extremely important in cabling systems. You simply cannot have a business or home network (no matter how big […]

All About Patch Panels

Different systems have a functional unit that increases efficiency and the usefulness of such a system. In the case of cabling, patch panels represent the functional […]

Massive Change Predicted for Data Centers in the Next Few Years

Data centers face huge changes in the next two years or so, and they include challenges to traditional infrastructure resource providers. A report by Gartner analysts […]

Top PS4 Games

One thing about the new PS4 is certain: it is an incredible system., and it shows in the PS4 games. But, the truth is that we gamers […]

Top Online Stores to Download Music

Do you want to download music? With the growing number of sites, you can be at a loss on which ones offer the best rates and services, and searching […]

The Best Dining Apps

Foodies, listen up! If you love to eat out, there are a number of dining apps available for your device. Many of them are free! You […]

Different Types of Hammers

Hammers are common tools that people use in their day-to-day living. Different tasks such as driving nails into woods, driving steel nails into walls, joining pieces […]

Classic Video Game Systems

Video game systems have evolved a great deal over the years, that’s for sure. Before there was the sophisticated PS4 or the Xbox, there was ColecoVision and […]

Solutions to a Cluttered Desk

Is your desk in need of serious space? Do you wish you had an organized and neat workspace to enjoy? While it’s been said that a […]

Buying the Perfect Pair of Headphones

Getting the best headphones that fit your lifestyle perfectly should be an easy task right? Well, if you’ve gone shopping for a pair of headphones, you’ve […]

The Basics of Google Glass

Computers and technology are evolving at an astounding rate. What was new one year ago is outdated now, and high-tech innovations to come do not really […]

Cool iPhone 6 Features

Have you gotten your iPhone 6? The new iPhone has some very amazing and cool features. Apple has never been one to disappoint when it comes […]

Android vs. iPhone

In the market for a new smartphone but undecided on whether to go with Android or the Apple iPhone? Both platforms are popular and similar in […]

Things to Do With Your Old iPhone

Last week, Apple released the iPhone 6 and everyone seems to be super excited about it. This happens every time an iPhone is released into the […]

How to Clean Gaming Consoles and Discs

Gaming can be a very consuming hobby for those who are serious gamers. But as gaming consoles are often displayed at all times and the game […]

How to Choose a Home Theater Projector

A home theater projector is the ultimate way to get the best home theater experience. When you are trying to create a movie theater experience, nothing […]

How Surge Protectors Work

Voltage from electrical outlets fluctuates due to lightning, power plant generation issues, power line transmission issues and other factors. Surge protectors are vital to protecting electronic […]

All About Apple Pay

The iPhone 6 is an innovation for which millions of people stood in line recently. Those who were lucky enough to get their iPhone probably noticed that there […]

A Rundown of the Different Versions of iPhones

The iPhone has been in the market for seven years now, as hard as that may be to believe. Time flies, and with it comes innovation […]

The Best iPhone Cooking Apps

Aspiring chefs, listen up! If you want to make delicious dishes in your home any time of the day, your phone could be your assistant. Cooking […]

Must-Have Apps for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Millions of people have recently gotten their hands on the iPhone 6 plus or the iPhone 6, and they are no doubt looking for ways to […]

How to Clear Your iPhone Memory

Everyone who uses an iPhone frequently has probably seen the dreaded message pop up at one time or another: “Out of memory”. This could be caused […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. Apple iPhone 5S

Let’s take a look at two high-end phones: The iPhone 5S from Apple and the Galaxy S5 from Samsung. We’ll compare them to see which one […]

Monoprice sold for $180M

At the beginning of August 2013, Blucora, Inc. – previously known exclusively for their search engine services- announced that it planned to acquire Monoprice.com in a staggering $180 […]

Trading in Your Old iPhone

Looking to trade in your old iPhone for the new iPhone 6? It’s no secret that selling your used devices can be difficult. According to sources, […]

What’s the Difference Between iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus?

Apple recently launched the release of two new smartphones: the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. While they may seem similar in name, there are a number of features that […]

Ways to Increase iPhone Battery Life

Having a smartphone is one of the most wonderful feelings for not only technology enthusiasts but also average users, as well. Battery technology is improving, but in spite […]

Differences Between iPhone5 and iPhone 6

Apple is notorious for spearheading the mobile technology development with every new device to hit the market. Apple is now gearing up for the release of […]

Apple Stores Have a Retail Gameplan for iPhone 6 Launch

In just a few days, Apple’s long-awaited iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will finally be available. And Apple stores are planning for a huge launch. […]

Be Prepared to Wait in Long Lines for iPhone 6

Want the New iPhone 6 on Friday? Then be ready to wait in long lines when it officially goes on sale! If you don’t snag one […]

Benefits of Fiber Optic Technology

Advances in communication technology have led to the introduction of a new means of communication that is not only faster, but also more efficient and lighter […]

Charging Your Older or Newer iPod

The iPod was first released in 2001, and it became one of the most popular devices to listen to music. Apple’s goal was to create a […]

Simple Tips To Keep Your Laptop from Overheating

Overheating in laptops is pretty common, and many laptop owners have experienced it. Sometimes aging laptops may be overheating due to internal hardware problems that most […]

The Benefits of a Home Network

Home networks are a great investment to have! With a home network, you can connect your television, your computer, your game systems, your tablets, printers, and […]

All About Wire Stripping

Wire stripping is a necessary component of nearly any electrical project. It refers to the process of removing the outer protective layer of insulation while making certain […]

Buying a Laptop on a Budget

Are you in need of a laptop computer, yet you don’t have much money to invest in your machine? Do not be dismayed, as you will […]

Types of Fiber Optic Connectors

The termination of fiber optics is extremely important in today’s technology. Fiber optic cable can be terminated in two ways. The first way is with fiber […]

Turning Your Basement into a Home Theater

As you may already know, in order to create a home theater room there is no better place than your basement, why is this so? Because […]

Top iPhone Fitness Apps

Staying fit can be a strenuous and challenging task that can be much more enjoyable and fun with fitness apps. Working out is an extremely important component […]

Preserving Your CDs

Do you still have a vast collection of CDs that you either still listen to or are hidden away somewhere? It turns out that those compact […]

Setting Up Multiple Monitors

Many people want the versatility of having more than one computer monitor set up in their home or office. There are many reasons that  you may […]

Smartphones and Privacy Risks

Smartphones are essential gadgets in most people’s lives nowadays. After all, these devices are transforming mobile computing into the ability to do everything a desktop computer […]

Apple Announces iPhone 5 Recall for Battery Replacement

Apple has announced a recall of sorts on select iPhone 5 models due to a battery problem. Apparently, a small percentage of devices have a short […]

The Latest iPhone 6 Rumors

If you’re like many people, you are awaiting the arrival of the much-anticipated iPhone 6! There are many rumors floating around out there, and they change […]

Are Windows Updates Really Necessary?

Windows updates are part of a component of the security features on any computer running the Windows operating system. They are designed to keep your computer […]

All About the Blue Screen of Death

Do you have the “blue screen of death” on your computer? First, of all don’t panic! We’ve got some information for you that could help you solve […]

What to Consider When Buying a TV Mount

There is nothing more space saving than a wall mounted television. The technology that makes flat screen units affordable, so that practically every home has one […]

What is Fiber Optic Cable?

The world of telecommunications is rapidly moving from copper wire networks to fiber optics. Optical fiber is a very thin strand of pure glass which acts […]

Choosing a Flat-Screen TV

A TV is one of the most important components of an entertainment system and home theater system. IF you’re in the market for a new television […]

Best Utility Apps for iPad and iPhone

Your iPhone or iPad has the ability to help you organize and enhance your life with all of the cool utility apps that it offers. Your […]

Fiber Optic Terminology

Fiber optic is a technology used in the transmission of telephone, internet, and cable television signals. During transmission, this signal is usually in the form of […]

How Often Should You Buy a New TV?

The only constant thing in life is change. This one-liner is relative to technology, among many other things. When it comes to technology, it seems that gadgets […]

Furnishing Your Home Theater Room

Accessorizing and furnishing a home theater room can transform it into a much-loved entertainment zone that everyone will enjoy for that elevated cinematic experience. Creativity stems […]

The Different Types of iPods

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Choosing a Mobile Charger

To choose a mobile phone charger, you have to consider many factors. One of the most important factors is to ask yourself the kind of charger […]

Sprucing up Your Entertainment Center

If your entertainment center could use a makeover, we can help! Show off your flat-screen television and your gaming consoles with a comprehensive entertainment center that is […]

Types of Fiber Optic Cables

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Should You Build a Wireless Network?

Wireless networking is pretty much everywhere these days. Not that long ago, building a wireless network was time-consuming, costly, and rather difficult. Thanks to technological advancements, […]

Best Mobile Apps for Busy Families

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Sony Comes Out with New High-End Sony Walkman

Sony Walkman History 35 years ago, Sony came out with the classic Sony Walkman that brought hours of listening pleasure to teenagers and adults alike. If […]

College Dorm Room Essentials

It’s almost back to school time! This means that many students will be moving away from home and into their college dorms. Moving into a college […]

Best iPhone Apps for Hiking

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Amazon Comes Out With New Smartphone

There’s a myriad of smartphones on the market today, from Apple’s iPhone to Google’s Android. Amazon has come up with their own contender and recently released […]

Top Best iPhone Games to Play

Here are some of the top iPhone games to download and play: Candy Blast Mania Candy Blast Mania is an entertaining game created by TeamLava. You […]

Types of Networks

Networking is necessary for today’s modern commerce. It’s helpful to understand the basics when it comes to networking technology and the types of networks. After all, networks […]

Best iPhone Apps for Babies and Toddlers

The advanced development of mobile platforms and applications means that parents have great access to new educational tools for their babies and toddlers. For the iOS […]

Top 5 Organizational Apps

Organizing activities through a single day can be tricky at times. Fortunately, the invention of several organizing apps has made it possible to remain on schedule […]

A Minecraft Guide for Beginners

Imagine you were suddenly dropped outside, in the middle of an unfamiliar terrain, and left with nothing but a map to survive. Could you? Would you […]

XBox One vs PS4: An In-depth Comparison

Microsoft and Sony have been competing for years in terms of which company will come out of the top with the most advanced gadget. It is, […]

A History of Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have come a long way! Early cell phones weighed several times the mobile phones we have today and were outrageously large in size. They […]

A Comparison of Gaming Consoles

Gaming consoles have been around for decades. You may remember the older ones like Atari and ColecoVision. Luckily, there has been regular improvisations and advancement in […]

The Uses for a Home Network

Not long ago, setting up a home network was a job left up to a professional because it involved a lot of technicalities. Thanks to Windows’ […]

How to Choose the Perfect TV Stand

Buying a decent TV is one thing. Choosing a perfect stand for it is another. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a TV stand […]

What’s the Difference Between 3g and 4g?

Do you know what the difference is between 3G and 4G? If not, don’t worry! There are so many others who don’t understand this technology either. […]

The Best New iPhone Apps for Kids

There are thousands of apps that have been produced for every member of the family. If you’re looking for the best new iPhone apps for kids, […]

An Overview of HDMI and How HDMI Cables Work

Wondering how HDMI works? From a technical standpoint, HDMI means High Definition Multimedia Interface. This global connectivity standard was established with a clear mandate of having […]

Connecting Retro Game Consoles to a New TV

Many of us remember playing old retro games consoles like Nintendo NES, Atari, and Sega Genesis. If you played Nintendo NES and all you had to do […]

How Do Speakers Work?

Ever wonder how speakers actually work? The best description of speakers involves air pistons moving back and forth—first on the negative side cycle of the signal, […]

All About USB Ports

Most of the electronics and all the computers that are purchased come with either one or multiple universal serial bus ports (USB) or connectors. Let us […]

How to Hook Up XBox 360 to a TV

Hooking up your Xbox 360 to a television or monitor should be very simple. Most televisions are equipped to host the Xbox 360, but be careful […]

What is a Print Server?

When we want to connect multiple personal computers to a printer or we want to share a printer on a network, then we usually need a […]

Projectors for Business Presentations

If you are looking to invest in your business, you might consider the use of a digital projector for your presentations. Are you still using an […]

Planning a Wireless Home Network

These days, wireless is definitely the way to go when it comes to setting up a home network. Wireless networks are easy to set up and […]

How to Mount Your Flat-Screen TV

You can turn your entertainment room into your very own home theater by mounting your flat-screen TV to your wall or ceiling. You can do this […]

Routers vs. Switches – Core Differences and When You Should Use Each

Switches and routers are networking devices. Both are primarily used to make connections between computers, networked devices, and even networks. However, routers and switches are quite […]

Choosing a Remote for Your Home Theater

Home theaters have been a luxury that until recently didn’t make it to the average home. However, now that prices have come down dramatically on large […]

Setting Up a Small Business Network Tips and Tricks

These days, a computer network is an important part of your small business. A network allows you to connect to the Internet as well as communicate […]

Cables: Heading in the Right Direction

HDMI Cable Direction HDMI cables are becoming more and more advanced in their capabilities. One of the most common features of current HDMI cables is to […]

How to Run HDMI Long Distances

The world of HDMI can be a strange and confusing place. If you’re trying to figure out how to run HDMI long distances, but you’re not […]

Welcome back, Gaming!

If you missed our gaming selection, the good news is we’re bringing it back and bringing it back with a venegeance! This week, we launched a […]

FireFold Black Friday 2013 Deals!

FireFold Black Friday 2013 Deals FireFold Black Friday 2013 is nearing once again and FireFold will have you covered with some great deals! Starting at midnight […]

What is Plenum Cable?

What is Plenum Cable? More than likely if you’re wondering what it is, it’s because it’s popped up in your building restrictions as a requirement. Or […]

Welcome Great Lakes Case and Cabinet

FireFold just recently added Great Lakes Case and Cabinet to our product lineup. We’re steadily rolling out the products, so if you want to see what’s […]

10 Things You Need to Know About HDMI 2.0

September heralded an announcement by HDMI.org of a brand new HDMI standard: HDMI 2.0. Of course, this leaves everyone scrambling to make sure their equipment is […]

4Kx2K Ultra HD Takes Center Stage

The latest HDMI release touted support for up to 4Kx2K resolution, but up until now, options for this technology have been mostly limited to projectors. The […]

What is Redmere HDMI?

FireFold announces the addition of Redmere® HDMI Cables from Vanco to the FireFold product line. These High-Speed HDMI cables feature the unique Redmere HDMI chip which […]

Add an Extra Monitor with Your USB Port

If you need to add an extra monitor to your computer, it is easy when you use a USB port, and you don’t have to give […]

IR Extenders and Remotes 101: Part 1

Before we get started, let’s talk about what exactly IR is. IR stands for infrared, which is a form of light not visible to the naked […]