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Klein Tools 55603 Tradesman Pro Tablet Backpack

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When Steve Jobs first walked across a stage in California and introduced the iPad to the world what seems like a lifetime ago, few could predict how popular the tablet segment of mobile devices would really become. Almost immediately the very idea was met with controversy - "what do I need a tablet for if I already own a laptop computer?" "How is an iPad anything different than just a larger iPhone that is more difficult to use?"

Flash forward to today and approximately 53% of adults in the United States own a tablet of their very own according to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center. Tablets have become more than just "giant smartphones." They're how we catch up on all of our reading or stay productive while we're out of the office. They're how we make the most out of our educational careers or stay in touch with friends, family members and other loved ones. They're an investment - both in terms of where we are today and what we want to be able to accomplish tomorrow from anywhere, at any time, no exceptions.

And as is true with all investments, it is one that needs to be protected at all costs. Which is precisely why the Klein Tools 55603 Tradesman Pro Tablet Backpack is so important.

The Klein Tradesman Pro Backpack: Breaking It Down

When you're talking about something as essential (and expensive) as a tablet, just "any" backpack won't do. After all, even the entry level tablets still run a few hundred dollars - is that the type of expense that you can afford to make on a regular basis? A lot of so-called "tablet backpacks" have compartments designed for something like an iPad, but the moment you try to put ANYTHING else in the bag you run into scratches that limit the functionality - and the experience - that your device offers.

Now, thanks to Klein, these are the types of problems that you simply do not have to worry about ever again.

The most important thing for you to understand is that what you're talking about is more than just a traditional Klein backpack - this is a product that is designed from the ground up with your digital life in mind. The centerpiece of this item is the fact that it was designed by a team of experts to both adequately house and thoroughly protect all tablet devices from any manufacturer - up to 10.1 inches in size - by way of a padded compartment that keeps it totally safe and separate from anything else you may be storing at the time.

But along those lines, any type of backpack solution like this one would need to house MORE than just your tablet. After all, a backpack designed for a tablet and nothing else is little more than an (incredibly cumbersome) tablet case. The geniuses at Klein have thought of that, too, as you get not one, not two but 25 different pockets to store any other item you need.

There are tall interior pockets designed specifically for items like long screwdrivers. There are unique mesh zippered pockets designed to not only help make sure you always have all the cables and adapters you need on hand, but to keep them separate from one another. There is a very handy front zippered pocket specifically designed for small parts, tools and other items. Not only that, but you get yet another front pocket that is hard molded to the Klein backpack house to protect your safety glasses and other critical gear.

Additional Features and Specifications

But the best part of all is that the orange interior makes it very easy to spot all of your tools - and your tablet - regardless of where they happen to be located. So not only do you get to guarantee that you have everything on hand AND protect your tablet from scratches, bumps or other issues, but the design of the compartment also makes it effortless to get at those items you need at a moment's notice. It truly is the type of product designed with your safety - and productivity - in mind.

Speaking of safety, the Klein Tools 55603 Tradesman Pro Tablet Backpack also features the same ultra durable 1680 d ballistic weave that customers have come to expect (and deserve) from other high quality Klein tool bags and backpacks. This, coupled with the tough molded bottom to protect it from the elements, allow it to stand up to literally anything that life happens to throw at it. Whether you're the type of person that is incredibly careful or you're in an environment where something could strike the backpack itself, you - and your tools and tablet - don't have a thing to worry about.

But when considering all this, it would be logical for someone to expect that the backpack itself would be massive and difficult to carry around for general daily use. After all, there are some compromises that you have to make for the sake of security, right?


The Klein Tools 55603 Tradesman Pro Tablet Backpack has a height of just 18.5 inches, a length of 14 inches and a width of 7 inches - making it totally comfortable for any situation that you happen to find yourself in. In truth, if you didn't know any better, you would think this was just a traditional backpack.

All of this AND you get a lifetime manufacturer warranty, allowing you the confidence that only comes with knowing that even if something DOES happen to your backpack, you are well and truly taken care of.

Because Your Tablet is Worth Protecting

All of this is important because, at the end of the day, a tablet IS a tool - the same as anything else. It's a tool that allows you to be just as productive professionally somewhere around the world in an airport lounge as you are in the comfort of your own office. It's a tool let guarantees you'll be able to consume whatever you want, whenever you want it, with the ease of just a few quick taps of your finger.

As is true with screwdrivers, cables, adapters and more, the tool itself is less important than what you do with it. Now, thanks to Klein, you can do whatever you want free from worry, knowing that this most previous of tools (and most important of investments) is well and truly taken care of. This is the type of peace-of-mind that you just can't put a price on. 

As the old saying goes, "anything worth doing is worth doing right." By now, it should be clear that the Klein Tools 55603 Tradesman Pro Tablet Backpack is absolutely the right tool for the right job at exactly the right time.


  • Designed to House and Protect 10.1" Tablets with Protective Covers
  • 1680d Ballistic Weave with Orange Interior for Increased Visibility
  • Durable Molded Bottom Protects Bag Contents from the Elements
  • 25 Total Pockets, with Tall Interior Screwdriver Pockets
  • Mesh Zippered Compartment for Small Parts and Tools
  • Exterior Front Hard Molded Safety Glasses Pocket
  • Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty


  • Height: 18.5" (470mm)
  • Length: 14" (356mm)
  • Width: 7" (178mm)
  • Pockets: 25
  • PDF Download Brochure

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