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Atlona USB to 5V DC Power Cable with Lock

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USB for Power

Sometimes, power cables in and of themselves are just complicated. They get in the way when you’re working and take up far too much space. So, you consider a battery for your needs. Well, unfortunately, batteries are not always an option and even if they are - they can be bulky and cumbersome as well. Not making a situation better, but simply sometimes making it substantially worse.

Well, Atlona came up with the AT-PWUSB-L. This is a great solution that can be used with several Atlona devices, which a list of the ones we carry will be further in this description. The Atlona 6ft USB to 5V DC power cable is capable of powering many of the Atlona devices which are based on the 5V DC circuit. With it only being six feet in length, you have a lot less cable to get in your way than you sometimes will get with your typical DC power cables.

This cable is perfect for users who do not have an electrical power outlet next to the switch or extender; however do have a cable box with USB interface, computer with USB interface or even a USB hub. This way, you can easily use your already set configuration to provide power to your supported Atlona device.

The Cable has 2 USB's on one side and 1 DC power jack on another. If the equipment device is capable of working on 2.5 watts and below, the single USB will be okay; however if 2.6 watts to 5 watts, then 2 USB's are required.

Compatible With The Following Item:


As we gather more devices from Atlona to provide to you, we will expand upon the above list and ensure that you know what devices are capable of working with this great cable. We are always looking to expand upon our merchandise, so please contact us if there is ever anything that we do not carry that you are looking for. In the meantime, get your hands on one of these today for your project! If you have one of the above products listed, you’re sure to love this cable.

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