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Peerless-AV Metal Stud Fastener Kit

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The Peerless-AV ACC415 Metal Stud Fastener Kit is used to attach Peerless TV mounts to 25 AWG or heavier metal studs. It supports weight up to 35 pounds on a single stud.

*These fasteners can be used on double stud mounts and with loads greater than 35 pounds where specified.


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Is this for my TV or the mount?

This is for the mount. It is used to help install a TV mount in a structure with metal studs.

Will this support more than the 35 pounds shown?

We do not suggest using it for more than 35 lbs per stud. If you use two across two studs, that would raise the total maximum weight to 70 lbs.

How can I trust that this will support my TV?

You will have to do a little math to ensure you have the right number of them. They can hold 35 lbs each.

Do I still need a TV mount?

Yes, you will still need a TV mount. This is just an accessory to use with a TV mount.

Why would I need this?

You would only need this if you are trying to mount a TV on aluminum studs. Please not the required thickness for the studs and contact an installation professional in your area if you are unsure how to proceed.