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6 Port USB Wall Charger - 5V 8 Amps

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Friendly Fire

Don't like sharing? FireFold’s new USB-6PORT-CHRG could be just the thing to open up peace talks. This USB charger plugs directly into the wall and offers charging for up to six devices at once. The shared 8 amp power means you don’t have to worry about iPads and tablets sucking up all of the juice. Four iPads? Two phones, two tablets? You’re still fine. The long 6’ power cord also means you can position this charger safely in the neutral zone.

The USB-6PORT-CHRG has a wide base so you can set it solidly on any flat surface and the angled USB face reduces cable stress while devices are plugged in. LED lights let you know when you’re charging and when you’re done. This charger doesn’t come with cables, but if that is sure to spark off combat, don’t arm yourself just jet. FireFold also sells nearly any charging cable a good techno-savvy soldier could need.


  • 6 available charging ports
  • 8 total amps of charging power
  • Compatible with phones, tablets, and iPads
  • Angled USB interface for strain-free cables
  • LED indicator lights


  • AC Input
    • Input Voltage 100-240VAC
    • Input Frequency 50-60Hz.
    • Input Current 1A RMS Max. for 115V AC
    • 0.5A RMS Max. for 230V AC
    • Inrush Current  25A Max. for 115V AC Cold Start
    • 50A Max. for 230 VAC Cold Start
    • No Load Power Consumption <0.5w
  • DC Output
    • Voltage +5 DC (ports 1-6)
    • Tolerance ±5% (ports 1-6)
    • Each Port 2A (up to 8A)
    • Fuse 2.5A PPTC Resettable Fuse (per port)
    • Peak Current N/A
    • Ripple & Noise  80mV (per port)
    • Line Regulation ±-1%
    • Load Regulation ±-5%
    • Total Output 6 Port total Output: 40W Max.
  • Electrical
    • Efficiency 82% Min. Under Max. Range Load
    • Rise Time 20mS Max.
    • Hold Up Time Min 10mS at Full Load and Nominal Input Voltage (+12V)
    • Stability  ±0.5% After 24 Hours Warm Up
    • Overshoot 10% Max. Above the Nominal Voltage
    • Leakage Current 3.5mA Max. at 115V AC
  • Output Protection
    • Short-Circuit Protection All Output Equipped with Short Circuit Protection
    • Over Current Protection 150% Max.
    • Over Voltage Protection 5.6V Max.
  • Environmental
    • Operating Temperature 0°C to +40°C
    • Operating Humidity 20% to 90% RH
    • Operating Altitude to 10,000ft
    • Storage Temperature  -20°C to +85°C
    • Storage Humidity 10% to 95% RH
    • Storage Altitude to 50,000ft
    • Vibration 10-500Hz 2G 10Min/TCyle, Period for 60Min. Each Axes
    • Cooling Natural Draft
  • Reliability
    • MTBF 100k Hours at Max Load Normal Line and 25°C
  • Mechanical
    • Physical Dimensions 94mm(L) x 59mm(W) x 57.6mm(H)
    • AC Connector IEC 320 Type (Figure 8)
    • DC Connector Standard USB
    • EMC Standards FCC Part 15
    • Dielectric Withstand (Hi-Pot)
    • Input to Output 1500V AC for 1 sec.
    • Input to Frame Ground 1500V AC for 1 sec.
  • Isolation Resistance
    • Input to Output 500V DC / 50M Ohms
    • Input to Frame Ground 500V DC / 50M Ohms

Package Contents

  • (1) 6-Port USB Charger
  • (1) Power cord
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