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5-RCA Component Cable with Audio

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Old School Rules

When it comes to analog video signals, component is king. Although it is rapidly being replaced with the all-digital ease of HDMI, component video still offers the only high-definition signals available in analog format. Component technology uses the same elements of video as its predecessors: luminance, chrominance, and sync. However, rather than clumping these factors together into one or two streams, it further divides them into three. This division eliminates many of the problems associated with interference and encoding found in previous designs, offering the viewer a sharper, brighter image. You can find component outputs on DVD and Blu-ray players, cable boxes, gaming consoles, and more. These outputs are often labeled YPbPr or YCbCr.

High Five

The RCA-COMP5-BLK is a component cable with additional left and right RCA for audio. With 24K gold plated plugs, this cable is heavy-duty and professional grade for the best analog signal you can find. A thick, durable black PVC jacket covers a classic RG59 coaxial cable. Though thicker than composite RCA cables, this remains flexible enough for most in-home and professional installations. The molded strain-relief heads stand up to everyday use, although right angle adapters are suggested for low-profile television mount to eliminate stress on the input port. The cable heads are also labeled with color-coded bands to make set-up easy and quick.

Signal travels flawlessly over the stranded conductors hidden inside of this 6’ cord. Video runs over 22 AWG and audio over 28 AWG for efficiency and cable identification. Any interference from other cables or electronics is minimized by this cable’s triple-shielding, drastically reducing the risk of signal degradation even over longer distances. The maximum resolution for these cords depends largely on the source and display being used, but for most applications you can expect at least 720p. 1080i may also be offered through many newer devices.


  • Component Video Cable with RCA Audio
  • Red, Green, Blue, and White Color-Coded Connectors
  • Gold-Plated Plugs
  • Triple-Shielded to Minimize Interference
  • Five RG59 Coaxial Conductors


  • RG59/U Coax Cable
  • Triple Shielded
  • 75 Ohm Impedance
  • 24K Gold Plated Plugs
  • Video Cables: Stranded 22AWG Center Conductors
  • Audio Cables: Stranded 28AWG Center Conductors
  • Color Coded Connectors
  • 5 RCA Male to 5 RCA Male
  • Supports Resolutions up to 1080i

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