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Quest HPS-E10A 19 Inch 10 Outlet Horizontal Power Strip

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Power strips are needed in any setup, it's just a fact of life. This particular necessity will work great for a networking setup, telecommunications installation, or as part of a terminal. It can be configured to a 19" rack and takes up only 1U (unit). There are 10 outlets with 2 in the front and 8 in the back for accessibility and a 15 Amp circuit breaker as a precaution to overload or short circuiting.

19" racks are essentially the standard size that most racks come in, and since this rack is 19" itself, there is no surprise that it is configurable to a rack. It takes up only 1U on a rack so your monster server or patch panel can take up 5. Take your rack with you by having a power strip available when you need it.

Certain cords aren't going to be removed very often; we're talking about power cords to the servers, monitors, patch panels, etc. Not only don't you want to remove them, but you likely don't want to see them, and so that is why there are outlets in the back; there are also outlets in the front. These front outlets allow you to quickly plug in a device (such as a diagnostic tool) to be used immediately where it is needed and then put it away. While simply having a power strip on a rack will allow you to do this, if all of the outlets were on the back it would be inconsiderate on the part of the designers to make you go back there and sift through cables and such.

These devices are made to take on some excess voltage that may overload, short circuit, or otherwise damage the system via an overcurrent. The nice part of a circuit breaker is that once it has done its job you can simply reset the switch and it will serve you again.


  • 19'' rack-mount configuration
  • Features 10-outlets (2 front and 8 rear)
  • Illuminated rocker power switch
  • 15 amp circuit breaker
  • Includes 6 ft AC Power cord with NEMA 5-15P plug
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