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Platinum Tools 15005 ProStrip 16/30 Wire Stripper

Platinum Tools
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Solid Platinum

Platinum Tools was founded back in 1997 with one true objective: to provide solid tools for wire termination and installation that are top of the line in quality. They have more than delivered on that idea and promise, providing a variety of useful tools and resources that will allow you to professionally work on your wiring projects without complicating the process.

Breaking It Down

Today, we bring you the Platinum Tools 15005 ProStrip 16/30 Wire Stripper. Designed to meet the demanding expectations of the professional, the new ProStrip wire stripper delivers top performance, total comfort and consistent, reliable results. It is designed to require less force from your hand due to the specially designed handles. Left-handed? No problem. It has wire size markings on both sides.

The curved blades make for cleaner cuts and can cut or strip 16-30 AWG solid or 18-32 AWG stranded wires. You can even cut or chase threads on 16/32 or 8/32 bolts. The serrated plier nose is great for gripping and pulling, in case you need to really tug on a wire. There are even holes in the jaw for looping wire through.


  • Geometrically designed handles
  • Can be used left- or right-handed
  • Curved blades make cleaner cuts
  • Has a serrated plier nose for gripping, pulling, and twisting
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty


  • Precision-Ground Strip Nest
  • Body material: S45C
  • Steel hardness: HRC 45 +/-2
  • Finish: Black Oxide
  • Spring Material: German SWPA
  • Cuts and strips: 16-30 AWG Solid, 18-32 AWG Stranded
  • Bolt compatibility: 16/32, 8/32

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  • (1) 15005 ProStrip 16/30 Wire Strippers
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