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NetStrand Long Run HDMI Cable with Built-in Equalizer (75-100ft)

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Your HDTV Just Got a Whole Lot Better

Gone are the days where you had to worry about a wide array of different types of cables every time you brought home a new piece of home cinema equipment. Between red, yellow, white, green and other multi-colored cable options, just figuring out which one offered the best picture quality was an uphill battle on the best of days - to say nothing of how complicated things became when options like S-Video entered the conversation.

Flash forward to today and HDMI is pretty much your one-stop shop for all of your high definition video AND audio needs. Whether you're connecting a Blu-ray player, a UHD 4K disc player, a gaming console, a cable box or something else entirely, you only need to deal with a single cable per device to unlock every last ounce of performance from your equipment that you've already paid a premium for.

But when you're talking about a three foot cable, that's one thing. True home cinema aficionados know that sometimes your equipment may be located dozens of feet away from the screen itself - or even in a totally different room depending on the situation. While it's true that HDMI is a digital cable, you DO still have to worry about issues like signal degradation or interference over long distances. But now, thanks to NetStrand, these are ALSO problems that you don't have to concern yourself with any longer.

NetStrand offers not one but two high quality long run HDMI cables for you to choose from in different lengths depending on your situation. You can choose from both a 75ft HDMI cable and a 100ft HDMI cable - offering the freedom and flexibility you need to set up your equipment how you want, any way you want, no exceptions.

The NetStrand Long Run HDMI Cable with Built-in Equalizer has been designed from the top down to deliver only the ultimate in high definition content from your HDTV, compatible right out of the packaging with all of the devices you already have in your home. Note that this is even a Category 2 High Speed HDMI cable, which means that it supports a maximum bandwidth of a stunning 10.2 Gbps with an absolutely unforgettable 340 MHz refresh rate. What this means is that you can always enjoy a crisp, crystal clear picture with absolutely NO lag - regardless of how you've chosen to build the perfect home theater. 

As the name suggests, these cables also have a built-in signal equalizer to prevent impedance mismatch and to amplify the full signal over the length of the cable with ZERO signal loss at any point. Not only that, but the cable is also backwards compatible with ALL previous versions of the HDMI standard and also natively supports all of today's latest state-of-the-art features like 4K resolutions, 3D content, multi-channel audio and much, much more. 

Finally, you have the flexibility you need to set up your home cinema in any way that you'd like and STILL enjoy the stunning HD content you love so much.

Note: This cable is directional. The longer connector labeled "output" goes to your TV or display. Please test your setup before running in walls or ceiling. HDMI cables with equalizers may have complications with Blu-ray players. HDMI Cables with equalizers are known to be incompatible with some splitters and switches. We suggest using this cable for device to device connections rather than connections using a splitter or switch. This cable's ability to function is dependent largely on the power supplied by the source device. You may experience issues with computers, game consoles, Roku and Apple TV and may not be able to transmit the signal over this distance.


  • High Speed 10.2Gbps Bandwidth
  • Built-in Equalizer to Extend Signal Transmission Distance
  • Supports Resolutions from 720p, 1080i, 1080p
  • 3D Ready HDMI Cable for Compatible Devices
  • 24k Gold Plated Contacts Resist Corrosion
  • 26 AWG Copper Conductors for Reliable Transmission


  • 26 AWG
  • Bandwidth: 340 MHz
  • Category 2 Certified
  • Resolution: Up to 1080p
  • 8 bit Color
  • 19 Pin Type A Male to Male Connectors
  • Gold-Plated Connecting Pins and Ground Connections
  • RoHS Compliant
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Is this cable directional?

Yes, this cable is directional. Both the source and display ends are labeled on the cable.

Is this cable in-wall rated?

Yes, this cable is in-wall rated.

Can you connect more than one of these cables together?

Due to signal limitations, we do not suggest connecting more than one of these cables together. Please consider another method if you need to run distances longer than 100'.

Is this HDMI 2.0?

No, this cable is not HDMI 2.0.

Why is this directional?

The equalizer uses the 5V power from your display to work. That means the end designed for the display must be plugged into the display.

Can I use this with a splitter or switch?

We do not suggest using our equalizer cable with splitters and switches. For use with splitters and switches, please consider using our HDMI with Redmere cables.

Can I use this with a gaming console or streaming media player?

We do not suggest using 75' or 100' cables with gaming consoles or streaming media players. The distance is typically too long. Please consider using HDMI with Redmere cables to increase the chances of success.

Can I use this with a phone, computer, or tablet?

We do not suggest using 75' or 100' cables with cameras. The distance is typically too long. Please consider using HDMI with Redmere cables to increase the chances of success.

What length cable do I need?

That just depends on how far apart your source and display are. The best way to determine that is by measuring. Use the shortest length possible, but round up if your measurement is in between two sizes.

Can I use this with a camera?

We do not suggest using 75' or 100' cables with computers, tablets, or phones. The distance is typically too long. Please consider using HDMI with Redmere cables to increase the chances of success.

What if I need to go longer than 100'?

To go longer than 100', you can use HDMI over Cat6 extenders, HDBaseT extenders, or HDMI fiber cables.

Is this ARC and 3D compatible?

No, this cable cannot support ARC or 3D signals.